History is not always pretty, but it is something that has happened, and no amount of denial can change it. Confederate veterans fought for their property, land, and beliefs, and the idea that most of the South were slave owners is greatly exaggerated. The parade in Dallas is for veterans. Re-enactors are used because we do not have veterans alive from some of the wars in which our country has been engaged. If someone is offended by a Confederate uniform, it is unfortunate. I would be offended by a Union uniform, but I will not complain loudly, as I accept that it is part of history. Mexico waged a strong war against Texas, and today there is a lot of trade coming our way from that country. It is slanted journalism such as you present that keeps bitterness alive.

Southern people have a right to their heritage--to express it, celebrate it, and honor it. Northern people have the same right, and African-Americans have the same right, as do Mexican-Americans. All God's children have a right to be proud of their heritage. How sad to think one should hide such noble heritage, regardless of whose side their ancestors were on!

I can assure you, Sir, Old Times are not forgotten and shall never be.
Caron Withers Snyder
Via e-mail

How can you write such garbage and get away with it? It is obvious you don't know your American history. They offer several history courses at all the local junior colleges; you should consider taking one. And the name-calling--is that the best "yooz guys" can come up with? I had three great-great-grandfathers in the Confederate Army, none of whom owned slaves. They were lucky to own shoes. Texas was still a frontier in 1861, and the people who came here, a large number from the North, worked very hard to build a life in Texas. They were "invaded" by the federal army and had no choice but to join the Confederate Army to protect their homes and families. Do you think we don't have the right to honor our ancestors and our heritage? I guess you would, since you are misplaced down here in the South.

Randall Howald
Via e-mail

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