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November 5 - 11, 1998

november 10
Guitarist Bill Longhorse has been in many bands in his career (Rumble, Sixty-Six, Mr. Pink), but his latest may be his most interesting, probably because it's not a band. It's just him and his guitar, alone with the blues onstage at Muddy Waters every Tuesday night. It's not all that different from his previous incarnations--he has an unmistakable style--but it's much better, stripped of any extraneous elements that may have gotten in the way before. If you're a fan of his other bands, it's definitely worth checking out. If you're not, it's time to get converted. Muddy Waters is at 1518 Greenville. Call (214) 823-1518.

november 11
Hip-hop music has gotten a bad rap (no pun intended) in Dallas, almost drummed out of Deep Ellum since Club Exodus shut down a few years ago. Now, it's starting to make a bit of a resurgence, thanks to a few clubs--well, two--willing to open their doors to Dallas hip-hop bands. The Liquid Lounge hosts hip-hop shows once a month, but the Palm Beach Club (formerly Dread N Irie) is more consistent. Every Wednesday for the last few months, the club has turned over its booking to Poppi Lo, a local musician and promoter. Some of the best hip-hop bands in Dallas have been featured on the Palm Beach Club's stage since Poppi Lo began his Wednesday-night gig, including Shabazz 3, Mental Chaos, Kinfolk Kru, Native Poet, and many others. It's not much yet, but it could be. Admission is $5. Palm Beach Club is located at 2807 Commerce. Call (214) 787-

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