Robert, please, stick to the music and its influence--that's what you're best at writing about. I will forever remember the term "Adidas Rock" as applied to "musicians" like Korn and 311--it's so dead-on that I laughed out loud when I read it. However, I'll forget the insipid grade-school name-calling and personal insults...just like I did in high school.

Walter Biggins

You pretty much hit the nail on the head with old Robbie boy, but why are you using this article as a way to cheap-shot great bands like the Deftones or Korn? I don't like Van Winkle either, but I do like Korn and the Deftones. To call it "er, music" is stupid. It's great to those of us that like it. All I'm saying is, feel free to bash a loser like Vanilla Van Liar, but leave established, well-known victors like Korn alone.

Jamie Houser
Via e-mail

On being Zac Crain
Grow up, get real, and take the chip off your shoulder. Do you ever really listen to the albums you get to review, or do you just take out all your personal frustrations (of which you obviously have many) on the bands?

I have been reviewing local bands for the past three years, and sometimes if the style is not what you like, you have to look beyond your personal tastes and take into consideration the band's talent. You unnecessarily slammed Chet Arthur [Out Here, October 22] just because you don't like rock. They are one of the most talented and hard-working bands in the metroplex. Just because they aren't alternasuck, you have to say this shit? You have proved many times through your reviews that you don't like rock, so why do you keep reviewing it? You and Wilonsky need serious therapy or something. Maybe an ear transplant?

I do know that it must suck to be you.
Dixie Beasley
Via e-mail

This is Calvin, lead guitarist from Chet Arthur, writing you to show my appreciation for your taking the time to listen and review our CD. I put a lot of pride and hard work into that piece of my life, and the review you gave it helped me see that it is exactly what I wanted it to be. It's nothing new and outrageous and probably would not be greeted with open arms by any Ugly Mustard or Nirvana fan, but that market is not the sea I am fishing in.

Anyway, thanks for actually listening to a heavy metal album and printing your honest thoughts. One last thing, "Silver Spoons" and "Crazy Train," I don't see the similarities in the introductions; maybe you could show me so that I may give Rhoads credit for his influence on me.

Via e-mail

I have been a reader of the Observer for years, and the review of the Chet Arthur CD has for the first time made me want to re-think why! I mean, does this man have a personal problem with the band? Damn, it was brutal for no reason. If he doesn't like the music, Seattle is 2,200 miles northwest of here--haul ass! They can always use another Grunge critic.

Have you ever cruised the local club scene and paid your good money to listen to one of these great local bands? I guess I can say that I'm proud that I'm a Chet Arthur fan, because they are one of the many bands that play not for the money or the recognition, but for the absolute love of the music and their fans.

There are a lot of very bad bands out there; Chet Arthur is not one of them. They deserve an honest review, not one by a dipshit that has some kind of personal problem with the band. It was an insult to the fans of rock music in general. I am very insulted in the personal attack on the band and Tuzy the singer in particular. I love the Observer and will continue to read it, unless I come across a review like the Chet Arthur one, and then hey, I'll have toilet paper for a month or so.

If it happens again, I'll send Ozzy over there to bite the head off your...bat.

Russell Caughron
Via e-mail

Feeling crabby
Good grief--lighten up a little. Your food critic sounds like someone that couldn't be pleased even if you kissed his ass! I know for a fact that Trulucks ["Clawing for success," September 3] is an up-and-coming restaurant that has some very good seafood. But this guy has to go degrade it. Obviously he doesn't have enough class to recognize a real restaurant. Thank God that most of Dallas doesn't read your poor excuse for a restaurant review, otherwise some really great restaurants would be out of business.

Take a chill pill.
Shelly Knowlton
Via e-mail

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