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Wilonsky must have Alzheimer's. The reason for North Dallas Forty was to point out the flaws of his heroes. The White House, Bob Hayes, Hollywood Henderson, etc., were all as culpable as today's "crybabies." The only difference is the salaries and coverage. Such an attitude as Robert's is indicative of small minds with selective memory. So to answer his question, Yes, today's heroes are as good as yesterday's...they're (flawed) humans.

Bret Bowman
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On the Other Hand...
Robert Wilonsky's column on sports heroes of yesterday being better than the present version was right on target. I, too, grew up watching Meredith, Hayes, Morton, Staubach, Lilly, Pearson, etc. They never charged for autographs; never wore sunglasses indoors for interviews; never went to games in chauffeured limousines; and you could go up to them on the streets and just talk. Wilonsky is especially on target about Sanders; I've been waiting for someone to call his bluff on this I-got-religion BS. Sanders cares about Sanders, first and foremost. The religion routine is just part of his act. And he does dress like a pimp.

There are a few Cowboys you can truly call heroes--Bates, Johnston, Aikman among them--but only a few on this team.

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Mohel Gouging
I really enjoyed Jimmy Fowler's article on Rabbi Rovinsky ["Prime cut," November 5]. Here is my experience with the mohels in Dallas: When my non-Jewish husband needed a mohel for his conversion to Judaism, we were told to contact Rabbi Michael Rovinsky. My husband only needed a mohel's certificate and had to go through the symbolic ceremony of taking a drop of blood, since he was already circumcised. Rabbi Rovinsky returned his call, and because of conflicting schedules, we were unable to use him and had to call Rabbi David Shawel instead. When my husband asked his rabbi at our temple how much this cost, our rabbi told us "whatever you can afford to pay." Rabbi Shawel told my husband up front that it would cost $200 to do this ceremony and take a drop of blood!

Rabbi Rovinsky even called my husband afterward to see how it went, and my husband told him what went on. Rovinsky informed him that the cost is "whatever you can pay," and people usually pay only $100 for a look-see, certificate, and a drop of blood. It looks like Rabbi Rovinsky cares about the individual, and Shawel is the one who is only in it for the money. Perhaps Rabbi Shawel should go back and review the history of payment for services by rabbis in the Talmudic studies. He may learn something.

Name Withheld
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The Issak Fan Club Writes In
I think the writer of the article [Music Listings, November 26] should have his or her ears cleaned. Chris Isaak is an outstanding singer and with the good looks to match. He is down-to-earth as no other singer I know of is and appreciates his fans very much. I love his music, as do many others, and always will.

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Obviously you're jealous of Chris' popularity. His music is much more listenable than the current alternative drivel out there, or the monotonous, brainless rap. Please give our homeboy a chance. His music remains forever unique.

Lynn Armstrong
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Unplanned obsolescence
OK, enough is enough. Do we really need any more articles by your "music writers" pointing out in their seemingly infinite wisdom how some washed-up band like Mstley CrYe [Music Listings, November 26] isn't cool or relevant anymore? Well, guess what--their brand of bimbo metal never was cool or relevant. However, just because you've passed puberty and find them ridiculous does not mean that they can't or shouldn't go on selling records and touring. Same goes for every other band that has been around for more than five years that you guys bitch about. For instance, to imply (as Zac Crain has in this same article) that The Stones should hang it up is absurd. What the hell else are they supposed to do? Should Keith Richards become a fry cook at a fish and chips dive because you don't like the new Stones as much as you like friggin' Corn Mo? As music journalists, shouldn't you be focusing on what you feel is exciting and relevant? Perhaps you should consider yourselves when determining what is or isn't obsolete.

Jeff Downing
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