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Larry O'Dwyer's return to Theatre Three in The Miser is saved by a strong supporting cast

And then there's Larry O'Dwyer, who some might say has taken a beating on his first appearance in these pages. I believe he is all the delicious contradictions that his audiences love him for--intense yet fluid, uniquely sinister and childlike at the same time, seemingly having arrived here from some other planet but empathetic to human absurdity--because I saw all those qualities in his role as Harpagon. I also saw an actor who seems to get bored easily onstage. What I fear is that Mr. O'Dwyer will be swinging from ceiling beam to ceiling beam by the close of The Miser. Granted, one man's profligacy is another's puckishness, but those of us who don't remember the decades of O'Dwyer's work with Jac Alder and Norma Young wonder: Are such outbursts the most noble way for a great actor to enter his winter years? A recent Sunday profile by Dallas Morning News' Lawson Taitte indicates that at least one director outside of Dallas has had to ask Larry to rein it in. Maybe that kind of tough love from the town that usually falls at Larry's feet is what Mr. O'Dwyer needs every once in a while, to make sure he doesn't betray his own talents.

The Miser runs through January 10. Call (214) 871-3300.

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