Look back in confusion

Buzz remembers the year that might have been and proves that not only the winners write the history

A nervous-looking Tom Hicks, worried about the accounting savvy of his new business partner Ware, offers the Dallas Zoo $25 million for "every monkey you've got."

And that's the way it was in 1998--sort of.
This is the point where, if Buzz were Don Rickles, we'd become all mealy-mouthed and tell you that all the mean things we said here and over the past year were just jokes. You've been a wonderful audience, really, and we love each and every one of you--the mayor, the politicos, business people, the Boy Scouts (but only in a platonic sense), and Don Venable (really only in a platonic sense).

And each and every person Buzz has buzzed over the past 12 months would understand, and smile, and promptly tell us to go screw ourselves, because who are we trying to kid?

Then they might ask, Why? Why do we each week take random potshots at authority? Well, mostly because we're paid for it, but partly because in Dallas the distance between what is said, what is unsaid, and what is true is sometimes so great and so absurd, we feel compelled to point out that the emperor is, in fact, buck-naked.

So on whom will we set our mercenary, cynical sights in 1999?
Let's see, work on the arena should be speeding up. The search for a DISD superintendent will likely be heating up. The Trinity Project should begin creaking along. Dallas most likely will continue to be managed by and for developers. The fight over Love Field should continue.

And you. You out there. What have you been up to recently

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