Caught in a Web site

A Denton doctor finds herself on an anti-abortion hit parade

A year ago, Crutcher's group opened the Susan B. Anthony Women's Center next door to Smith's clinic. Its sign--which one sees first on one-way Elm Street--dwarfs the clinic's. On the side facing Smith's office, it reads: INJURED BY ABORTION? YOU HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS.

Oddly, Life Dynamics' activities have actually boosted the clinic's profile and increased the number of women seeking its services, Hennen says, noting that the Denton clinic is the only abortion provider between Dallas and Oklahoma City. "More women know we're here."

To Hennen, the free-speech argument made by the protesters is a troubling one. "We don't want free speech hindered. But we don't want this to cause some real harm. It's walking a fine line when you start dealing with it."

Sue Cyr, the lone protester, doesn't think the issue is subtle at all. "The Web site only supplies information on abortionists. It's free speech, like a public record," she says. "I don't think they should be allowed to kill and then go on living comfortable lives. It's sort of like child molesters. If someone put a Web site identifying child molesters, they're a hero. I think it's important to keep a list of who's doing the killing.

"The problem they had at Nuremberg was they didn't have the records.
"Here," she says, pulling out one of her bloody-fetus pamphlets. "Look at this picture...

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