Night & Day

March 11 - 17, 1999

march 16
More than those of almost any other photographer working today, Jeffrey Silverthorne's photographs are more like mini-films, each frame capturing an entire story in one shot. They're elaborately staged and disturbing creations, at times coming off like stills from David Lynch films. Whether it's blurred edges or skewed shades, there is something not quite right about his work. However, that's what makes it interesting. Some of his photographs will hang at Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery, 3115 Routh, beginning on March 12 with an artist's reception. The exhibit continues through April 24. Call (214) 969-1852.

march 17
It didn't take George Stephanopoulos too long to turn on his former boss, did it? As soon as the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, Stephanopoulos was all over the place, writing scathing articles for Newsweek and blasting President Clinton on CNN, acting as a one-man champion for special prosecutor Kenneth Starr. This, coming from the man once considered Clinton's closest ally, his most trusted advisor. It didn't make much sense, but then again, when was the last time anything in Washington did? Now, Stephanopoulos is on the road pushing All Too Human, his new tell-some book about Clinton and his own years in the White House. He appears at Borders, 10720 Preston at Royal, at 7 p.m. Wednesday. Call (214) 363-1977.

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