Night & Day

April 1-7, 1999

april 6
It's been nearly two decades, yet we can still remember the summer we lived in McAllen, Texas--just over the border from Mexico--when our parents and other relatives ran a fireworks stand. What we remember the most about that time, aside from our pop melting his polyester pants to his leg in a whistle-chaser mishap, is the music we heard when we would cross the border. On Tuesday, the University of North Texas and Texas Woman's University give us a chance to relive those days with the cleverly titled Music Festival From Mexico, featuring more than 70 acts from three states in Mexico. The festival is part of UNT's International Week, and it should bring back memories--good and bad--for anyone who has ever wasted a spring-break night knocking back Carta Blancas in a dusty Mexican cantina. Or maybe that's just us. Music Festival from Mexico happens April 6-9 and is free. Tuesday's performance happens at the University Union Courtyard on the UNT campus, one block west of Welch and Prairie. Call (940) 565-2671.

april 7
The latest installment of Arts & Letters Live's Literary Cafe is billed as "journalists by day, fiction writers by night." Well, we would have to protest that statement. Not as applied to Nancy Kruh, Ruth Pennebaker, Kate Seago, or Howard Swindle, who'll read from their latest works on Wednesday. No, they have every right to that distinction. We're talking about Helen Bryant, the insipid society columnist of The Dallas Morning News. Reporting where you saw Troy Aikman grabbing a bite to eat or, God forbid, Chuck Norris having a few beers isn't really journalism. Helen, if dropping the names of minor celebrities floats your boat, more power to you. Just don't call it journalism. Literary Cafe happens at Club Dada, 2720 Elm, on Wednesday at 8 p.m. Free. Call (214) 922-1219.

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