Suddenly, last year's life-crushing Christopher Walken tribute, which included a monosyllabic Q&A after a screening of the torturous Suicide Kings, is looking a whole lot better. (To be fair, once-great director Arthur Penn, of Bonnie and Clyde fame, will be in town to accept a tribute--though it's a long way from the glory days of Robert Altman and Jimmy Stewart.)

Studio publicists and filmmakers contacted by the Observer are baffled that the festival would choose to exclude any media outlet from coverage. After all, their films won't receive publicity in an outlet more than willing to review them. But as we say around here, less work for us, even if we will miss that "Evening with Todd Oldham" on April 27 or Shelley Duvall talking about The Shining the night before. Damn it.

--Compiled from staff reports by Patrick Williams

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