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April 15-21, 1999

april 19
In America, most people laugh at wrestlers, or at least think they're all muscle-bound trailer trash with low IQs and lower standards of personal grooming. We will excuse ourselves from the debate, based on the fact that we still watch wrestling on a regular basis and actually went to Reunion Arena when Ted Turner's WCW promotion came through town not too long ago. (Brilliant quote by interviewer "Mean" Gene Okerlund: "This isn't a court of law. This is World Championship Wrestling!") In Mexico, however, wrestlers--or luchadores, as they are known--are revered as gods. The masked men are seen as crime-fighting, ass-kicking superheroes who can do no wrong. The most famous of these men is Santos, who was a genuine movie star. Now, he's part of the latest exhibit at 500X Gallery, The Passion of Santos/The Ecstasy of Malinche. Artists Steve Cruz and Rosemary Meza look at the place of Santos in Mexican culture, as well as Malinche, the legendary mother figure of the Mexican people. We'll go eventually, but not tonight: Wrestling is on. The exhibit continues at 500X Gallery though May 2. 500X Gallery is located at 500 Exposition. Call (214) 828-1111.

april 20
We don't know financial expert Suze Orman, but we don't like her very much. First, who goes by the name Suze? If it's pronounced like we think it is (rhymes with ooze?), well, that's just annoying. And if it's pronounced Suzie, why not just spell it that way? But more than anything, Ooze-Suzie gets under our skin with her new book, The Courage to Be Rich, which purports to help average people get over their money anxieties and reach their full financial potential. We're sorry, but if someone is afraid to be rich, then reading a book won't help much--if they can even read. Money doesn't scare us one bit, but we haven't hit our full financial potential yet. And someone already stole our idea about writing a pointless book about it. Thanks, Suze. Orman will sign and discuss The Courage to Be Rich on Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Borders, 10720 Preston Road at Royal Lane. Call (214) 363-1977.

april 21
It'd be easy to tell you we don't like director Jim Jarmusch, but we won't. Well, we can't, really. It's true that we're not big fans of his work, but we can't say as we've been able to sit all the way though any of his films, especially the ones that Neil Young is in any way associated with. So we'll leave the film criticism of Jarmusch's career up to someone else, and just say that The MAC will be showing his 1991 film Night on Earth at 8 p.m. Wednesday as part of its Wednesday Night Film & Video Series. We'd go, but the doc said sleeping sitting up is bad for our neck. The MAC is located at 3120 McKinney. Tickets are $3-$5. Call (214) 953-1212.

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