Havana good time

Brave Combo's Joe Cripps goes to Cuba, becomes friends with Peter Buck, and talks to Castro

"There are a lot of complex feelings being there. You do look around and see some things and say to yourself that it's not all bad. But now you can't even buy medicine, and all these homosexuals are being put in work camps. Nobody has any money, and the place is falling in on itself. There was a lot of talk about that when you're out at dinner. But when you get to the music, music's such a part of the culture, and the spirit of the people is just incredible. You get inspired by it, and you can count on it. It makes sense, and you focus on that and lose yourself in that. You lose yourself in it."

The question he can't yet answer: Just what did he find?

Scene, heard
It's that time of the year again: Fry Street Fair, otherwise known as Denton Rock City. The annual daylong rockfest gets going at noon on April 17, and once again, the 26 bands on the bill will be playing all afternoon on three stages, with each band getting about 35 minutes in the sun. Pops Carter and the Funkmonsters kick it off on the Main Stage, followed, in order, by the Commercials, Doosu, Dooms U.K., Slow Roosevelt, 420 Blues Band, Baboon, and Reverend Horton Heat. On the Delta Stage, the lineup begins with the industrial-goth balladry of Gropius, followed by Hollowpoint, Union Camp, International Sparkedome, Bedwetter, Clutch Cargo, Chomsky, Beef Jerky, and Bowling for Soup. The Cleaners get things started at Rick's Place, followed by Valve, Fixture, Riot Squad, Slave One, Loveswing, cottonmouth tx, El Gato, and Buck Jones. Tickets are $12 at the gate.

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