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Two local Web sites hope to bring Dallas music to the world

The Static Orange showcases are scheduled to happen at Trees May 25-28. Jibe, Valve, Grand Street Cryers, Neon Girl, Pleasant Grove, and Jump Rope Girls perform May 25. Hollowpoint, Orchid, Cult Cleavers, and Local 63 perform May 26; Centro-matic, Meredith Miller, Cosmic Chimp, Pleasant Grove, and the Immaculates perform May 27. Terror Couple; cottonmouth, tx; Reed Easterwood, Tele, and Cosmic Chimp perform May 28.

Scene, heard
One of the funniest press releases we've ever received came across our desk this week. It reads as follows: "CRESTA [their caps, not ours] will appear on THE JENNY JONES SHOW airing later this month or early next. The band was flown up to Chicago at the end of April and performed 'My Reminder' in front of a studio audience at NBC." Now, since we've appeared on Hard Copy twice, we're hardly the right people to make too much fun of Cresta's...ah, good fortune. But still--this is what bands aspire to now? Maybe the band's hoping a record-label executive will come out from the curtains and reveal he's always had a crush on the band (or maybe just Jenny Esping) and all hell will break loose, resulting in a shooting and a $25 million legal payout. Hey, a band can dream. Till then, Cresta performs May 22 at Westfest in the West End...

Oak Cliff Assassin and the Lock Down Records posse--among them, most likely, such local hip-hop luminaries as Kanine, L-Double-E (which, we guess, would be "Lee"), MX-2, and the kiss-assedly named Strict-9--will appear May 22 during the weekend-long grand-opening ceremonies of the Wherehouse Music store in Garland. The Lock Down Inmates gone do da' fool like they always do, or something, supporting such recent releases as Lock Down Correctional Facilities and Da' Drama Continues, the latter of which contains such hits as "I'm Fucked Up," "Kinda Bitch I Like," "Brang Da' Pain," and "Droppin' Shit." That's very kickin'...

Just a few days after we complained that no one would get to hear The Tomorrowpeople's unreleased Geffen Records debut, the damnedest thing happened. On Saturday night, 17,001 folks--not to mention Mike Modano, Brett Hull, and the rest of the Dallas Stars and St. Louis Blues--were treated to "Mercitron," one of the songs not on the band's forthcoming Marijuana Beach EP. The song blasted out of the Reunion Arena public-address system during the first period of the Stars-Blues Game 5 on Saturday, much to our delight and surprise. Sure beats the hell out of "Song 2" or "Sweet Home, Alabama," the latter a staple at the Ballpark in Arlington, no thanks to Rusty Greer. The Tomorrowpeople also perform at Westfest on May 22.

--Robert Wilonsky

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