Leap-frogging through history with the Toadies

July 2: It was a wonderful life: Jimmy Stewart dies at age 89.

May 14: Frank Sinatra, the second greatest male singer ever, dies at the age of 82.

Jan. 7: Tom Hicks buys the Texas Rangers for $250 million. Pitchers not included.

Jan. 20: Oprah Winfrey arrives in Amarillo. She's being sued by cattle producers who claim the talk-show host gave meat a bad name. Winfrey wins the suit.

Jan. 22: Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski pleads guilty to killing and maiming people with package bombs.

February: Bedhead releases Transaction de Novo.
Feb. 3: Texas kills its first female prisoner since the Civil War, Karla Faye Tucker.

March 16: Titanic surpasses Star Wars to become highest-grossing U.S. film ever.

March 24: Mitchell Johnson, 13, and Andrew Golden, 11, go to school in Jonesboro, Arkansas, armed with rifles and handguns. They kill four students and one teacher, wounding 10 others.

April: Viagra introduced, much to the delight of Bob Dole. The wonder drug racks up sales of more than $40 million by October.

May 20: Bedhead plays final show, a radio performance for VPRO, Holland's national radio based out of Amsterdam.

May 28: NewsRadio's Phil Hartman is murdered by his own wife, who then turns the gun on herself.

June 7: In Jasper, Texas, James Byrd Jr. is found dead after being beaten and dragged from the back of a pickup truck.

June 14: Michael Jordan helps the Chicago Bulls win its sixth NBA title of the decade--and third straight.

Sept. 2: Swissair Flight 111 crashes in the ocean off Nova Scotia, killing all 229 passengers.

Sept. 11: The House of Representatives releases the Starr report over the Internet.

Oct. 29: Senator John Glenn returns to outer space in the space shuttle Discovery.

Dec. 19: The House of Representatives approves two articles of impeachment against Clinton.

Jan. 21: Stories begin to circulate that Bill Clinton has been having an affair with an intern named Monica Lewinsky.

Jan. 6: NBA owners and players settle labor dispute, putting an end to the 191-day lockout.

Jan. 12: Bill Clinton settles the Paula Jones lawsuit for $850,000.
Jan. 13: Michael Jordan retires for a second time--this time, for good.
Feb. 7: At the age of 63, King Hussein of Jordan succumbs to cancer.
Feb. 10: Rev. Jerry Falwell outs Teletubby Tinky Winky.

March 7: Director Stanley Kubrick dies, giving summer release of Eyes Wide Shut a publicity boost.

March 8: Joe DiMaggio, the New York Yankee who insisted on being referred to as the "greatest living ball player," is no longer. He dies at the age of 84.

April 20: Two students, part of the so-called Trenchcoat Mafia, gun down 11 fellow students and a teacher at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. The duo then kill themselves.

May 3: One of the strongest tornados on record destroys several small towns near Oklahoma City, killing 41 and injuring hundreds.

May 6: Former Dallas Cowboy Mark Tuinei dies at his Plano home after ingesting a deadly cocktail of heroin and Ecstasy.

March 24: NATO air forces begin attack on Serbia in an attempt to end Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic's "ethnic cleansing" in Kosovo.

May 27: Toadies working on second album.

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