Danny Fry's last days

An IRS agent's affidavit details an alleged kidnapping plot that led to four murders

"On the day they [Karr, Waters, and Fry] returned to the apartment, Waters had thousands of dollars in his possession as well as a lot of new clothing that were in bags from Saks 5th Avenue. He also had a new Raymond Weil watch," states the affidavit.

"CS-2 stated that when Fry returned to the apartment...he looked sick. All three men appeared to be somewhat 'out of it,' Waters was in a bad mood, acting very businesslike and said something hateful to Fry. It was obvious that Karr and Waters were getting along, but Fry was not part of the group," it stated.

"CS-2 stated it was quite uncommon for Fry to be so quiet, as his usual demeanor was extremely talkative and animated. CS-2 found it strange that Fry was not drinking or even drunk as he usually drank whiskey and beer everyday," states the affidavit.

Later that day, possibly the last day of his life, Fry took a nap.
After he awoke, CS-2 packed his belongings and was under the impression he was about to return to his family in Florida, according to the affidavit, but something else apparently intervened.

"CS-2 left the apartment to run an errand. When CS-2 returned, Waters, Karr and Fry were gone. Fry's belongings were still in the apartment. Waters and Karr were gone from the apartment at least one night, possibly more," read the affidavit.

Later, most of Fry's personal belongings also disappeared.
When the other two men returned, they were in a joking mood.
"CS-2 then saw Waters and Karr walking towards the apartment from the Dumpster in the parking lot. Both men were in a good mood and laughing. CS-2 asked Waters where Fry was, at which time he replied, 'He took off with some guy.' CS-2 stated that during this time, Karr began teasing Waters about his inability to read a map. CS-2 never saw Fry again," the affidavit states.

But it was not the last trace the informant saw of Fry.
"A few days after Waters and Karr returned without Fry, CS-2 saw Waters cutting up a shirt which he/she believed to be the one Fry was wearing the last time he/she saw him. Waters used the shirt scraps to clean his glasses," states the document.

And when Fry's relatives began calling the apartment looking for him a few days later, Waters handled the anxious inquiries.

"Fry's daughter called and asked CS-2 if he/she knew where Fry was, as he had not returned to Florida. Thereafter, Waters began taking the calls from Fry family members," the informant recalled.

One final observation in the affidavit may hold the secret of Fry's death.
"During October 1995, CS-2 saw Waters take his 9mm Browning semiautomatic pistol apart and clean it. The only times CS-2 saw Waters clean his pistol was on the two or three occasions when Waters went to the shooting ranges. Waters did not clean his gun again until after the next time he shot.

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