Candy corn

Or: What do cake walks, the Backstreet Boys, and Jon Cunningham have in common?

Go Metric, young man

The ad for the show at Trees on June 4 listed Go Metric USA among the bands scheduled to perform, but the group that took the stage wasn't Go Metric. Well, not quite. The band's singer-guitarist Mitch Greer and drummer T.J. Prendergast were in attendance, but bassist Lindsay Romig and guitarist Michael Cullen were nowhere to be found. (Romig was in Italy; Cullen was in, uh, Coppell, apparently.) Greer and Prendergast played a few songs that weren't Go Metric songs, with a few musicians that aren't members of Go Metric, including Rachel Smith and G.P. Cole of Transona Five, Eric Almendal (My Friend the Atom), and Julie Harper (Groupius).

John Freeman (in gorilla suit, with Dave Wallin) and Jon Cunningham (in scarf, with Ian Bjornstadt) go pop, pop, pop!
John Freeman (in gorilla suit, with Dave Wallin) and Jon Cunningham (in scarf, with Ian Bjornstadt) go pop, pop, pop!
Pops Carter is Dentonís Rhythm Man, baby.

When reached by phone, Greer declined to comment on the status of the band. He did say that he has a number of projects in the works. (One is rumored to be a lounge-hop side band, The Licketts, featuring Transona Five's Smith.) Greer added that Go Metric -- in some form -- is returning to the studio in the near future to record an album slated for release in July or August. And, contrary to what was reported here a few months ago, the band has not and will not sign with Interscope-Geffen Records. The label that will release the follow-up to last year's for-the-Byrds debut, Three Chords By Two Verses, has yet to be determined.

I'm Rubber, you're glue...

After months of false starts, the long-awaited renovations at Denton's Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios ("Build it, and they will indie-rock," February 11) are finally underway, according to Rubber Gloves' co-owner Josh Baish. Construction began last week, starting with the installation of new doorways on the side and at the back of the performance area. Plans call for new bathrooms, an enlarged stage, a 103-space parking lot, and a bar, among other improvements. Initially, Baish expected the renovations to be completed by March 31, but they were held up until Baish's partners, Memory and Jason Wortham, moved off the premises; the new bar will be located in the Worthams' former apartment.

"I'm not holding my breath, but [it should be finished] by the end of July or the first week of August," Rubbergloves' Baish says. "I'm just happy to see stuff happening." Baish is also negotiating to buy the building Rubber Gloves is located in, with the help of Jason Wortham's mother, a real estate agent. In the meantime, Rubber Gloves will continue hosting shows, including a performance by The Tight Bro's From Way Back When and the Dooms U.K. on June 18.

Scene, Heard

On the heels of the recent Stumptone full-length, Dave Willingham and Philip Croley's Two Ohm Hop label has several releases on the way in the coming months. Tentatively scheduled are albums by Sub Oslo and Mandarin -- the latter featuring Rubber Gloves' Jason Wortham on guitar and vocals -- and a Light Bright Highway split-release with poster artist Frank Kozik's Man's Ruin Records. An EP by Captain Audio is also reportedly in the works, due out this fall...

Former Grown-Ups trombone player Daniel Spencer shows up on a pair of new discs this week, Seltzer 3 and Seltzer Karaoke, both out on Forefront Records. Now playing with Christian ska band The O.C. Supertones, Spencer appears on the track "One Voice," included on each compilation in different forms, one of which is an instrumental-karaoke version. The song is a cut from the band's album Chase the Sun, released earlier this year on indie B.E.C. Recordings...

Plagued by a series of delays, Chomsky's self-titled debut will finally hit stores in early July. To celebrate, the band -- singer-guitarist Sean Halleck, bassist James Driscoll, guitarist Glen Reynolds, and drummer Matt Kellum -- will host a CD release party July 10 at Trees. The Commercials and Baboon (who also just released a fine new disc, We Sing and Play) will open...

Speaking of The Commercials, The Band Formerly Known as Bobgoblin may have to part ways with its current moniker as well. Seems another group has called dibs and is threatening the usual lawsuits unless The Commercials change names, yet again. A few alternatives have already been tossed around, including Jet, the title of Bobgoblin's 1994 debut. (Confused yet?) Commercials' drummer Rob Avsharian joked a couple of weeks ago that changing names every few months "could be our new gimmick." Maybe it's just us, but we still like the old Black Market Party idea.

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