Back to the Future

Brave Combo reunites its nuclear polka family as it celebrates its 20-year anniversary

And yet Finch isn't sure how the band made it this far. He still doesn't think about the future, but only because he's too busy with the present. The band has become his full-time job, taking him out on the road several times a month and into the studio when he's home. They have lawyers, accountants, and booking agents working for them, and they need them all. Finch wouldn't have it any other way, wouldn't change it for the world.

Brave Combo, then and now
Brave Combo, then and now
Brave Combo, somewhere between now and then
Brave Combo, somewhere between now and then


July 24
Czech Club

"I have been living in the same house for 23 years, and I've been married to the same woman for 23 years, so there's some aspect of my staying power that's pretty good, I guess," he says. "I guess maybe I don't like change a whole lot. There was always just enough incentive to keep it going. And every year the band has seen measurable growth, in terms of our fanbase and the impact that we have on the general scene, and on the polka scene for sure. There's never been enough there, from the negative point of view, to throw this away. There's always a lot of gigs every month, and a lot of opportunities to do exciting things. We can actually go record albums in a studio during the day. That's the kind of stuff you hope your life will evolve into."

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