Marshal law

Peace officers go to war in the city marshal's office

Darnell has suspended other officers without pay for as long as 10 days for minor infractions, such as causing a car accident when little damage was done to the police vehicle. He took two officers off patrol duty for two weeks because they had arrested someone in Red Oak, which sits in Ellis County, and failed to inform the Ellis County Sheriff's office of the arrest. Deputy marshal say they are not required to alert law enforcement in another county, but are advised to do so as a courtesy.

In another incident, an officer claims Darnell retaliated against him for filing a grievance, in which he claimed that on two occasions Darnell had humiliated him in front of other officers and prisoners. A month after the grievance was filed, Darnell ordered that the officer be relieved of his street duties for two months and reassigned to prisoner transfers.

"It's like a good ol' boy network there," says Wilson. "The officers were trying to get these issues resolved internally. They are frustrated that it's taking so long to get something done."

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