Rock this town

Or: Oh,'s another end-of-the-century list

35) Greatest Flops & Golden Filler, Homer Henderson (Honey Records, 1998). Repeat after me: "Lee Harvey was a friend of mine..."

36) Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars, Edie Brickell and New Bohemians (Geffen Records, 1989). They were a pretty good band, if memory serves. What? When's the last time you listened to it?

37) Deep Ellum Blues, various artists (Documentary Arts, 1987). Alan Govenar got the old band back together again. They were on a mission from God.

38) Vibration Change, The Telefones (VVV Records, 1980; rereleased 1999). She's in love with the Rolling Stones, but we still have a thing for the Telefones.

39) UFOFU, UFOFU (The Medicine Label, 1997). Broke up about eight minutes after releasing this gem. Just as well, since they weren't gonna top it.

40) Texas Bluesman, ZuZu Bolin (Antone's, 1989). Texas Bluesman -- that was Bolin's superhero name too.

41) Too Far to Care, Old 97's (Elektra Records, 1996). Third time was a charm. Too bad the fourth had all the, uh, hit singles.

42) Short Sharp Shocked, Michelle Shocked (Mercury Records, 1988). Short sharp career.

43) The Funland Band, Funland (steve records, 1995). Three guys, an "Angry Girl," and a record label that couldn't move product.

44) Shouldn't a Told You That, The Dixie Chicks (self-released, 1993). Because we're too stubborn to admit that Fly is probably a better record. And because we know it'll piss them off.

45) Tales From the Edge, Vol. 6, various artists (Reel George, 1992). The sounds of Deep Ellum, before The Sounds of Deep Ellum.

46) The Waltz King, Café Noir (Carpe Diem Records, 1995). Where it all came together, only to fall apart. Um, there will be another record, right?

47) World of Fireworks, Little Jack Melody and His Young Turks (Carpe Diem Records, 1994). Weill you're at it, how about more songs from West Side Story?

48) Rockabilly Uprising: The Best of Mac Curtis, Mac Curtis (HMG, 1997). Once again, if you're a rockabilly in this town and your name ain't Ronnie Dawson, you gotta wait in line.

49) Blue, LeAnn Rimes (Curb, 1996). Yeah, yeah -- but what a great song.

50) Bat Out of Hell, Meat Loaf (CBS Records, 1978). Fifteen million people can't be wrong. Can they?

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