PAC men

Down but not out, local Democrats
show feeble signs of life

Even if Bush doesn't win the Republican presidential nomination, the Democrats, after losing every contested statewide office in 1998, have no candidates capable of shortening Republican coattails. It doesn't help that incumbent Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is running virtually unopposed. The Democrats couldn't field a formidable candidate against her, instead relying on a handful of political unknowns. "For anyone interested in running on the Democratic ticket," claims Driegert, "this is the worst possible time to pick."

Murphy, Molberg, and McGarry don't see it that way. Rebuilding a local political base may require the sacrifice of "a few brave souls," but they figure that if any of their candidates wins, then come the 2002 election, 10 more Democrats will run.

"I have been telling people the tide is going to turn," McGarry says. "I've just been waiting 18 years for it to happen."

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