Turn of the screw

Authorities make another arrest as they press to solve the O'Hair disappearance

Karr's lawyer says the recent indictment is part of the government's attempt to get Karr to turn on Waters. But the feds have yet to lay their cards on the table, says attorney Thomas Mills of Dallas.

"We're in limbo. I don't know at what point [the federal prosecutor] will share his case with me, but I encourage him to do so, so we can properly evaluate the evidence," Mills said.

Karr's lawyer said he is mystified by the government's indictment of his client last month.

"They must have more, or they are exaggerating," Mills said. "I don't know how to analyze it other than it appears to be an effort to put him in a position of hoping he has information to negotiate with. To my knowledge, he doesn't have such information. He doesn't have that bargaining chip," he said.

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