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Fawning Pumpkins; Audio LUXURY; Door dates; And a ton of Rubber Gloves

As for Rubber Gloves, the upcoming South by Southwest Music Festival is having the usual spillover effect on the Dallas-Fort Worth-Denton area, and it's resulted in a handful of good-to-great shows at Rubber Gloves during the middle of March. Among the bands stopping in before or after their showcases in Austin are Modest Mouse, Love As Laughter, The Delta 72, New Wet Kojak, Papas Fritas, Seely, The Gaza Strippers, and The Gunga Din. Trees will also be pretty busy the same week, with gigs by Gomez and Man or Astro-man?, as well as a few others yet to be confirmed. We said it last week, and we'll say it again now: Don't waste your money on South by Southwest. Seriously, all the bands will play here too...

While we're on the subject of SXSW and Austin, we want to give a shout-out to our man David Weaver, a proud Austin resident whose plan to spend the weekend in Dallas was quashed by our vitriol directed at his hometown in last week's Street Beat. (At least that's the story he used for dramatic effect in a recent e-mail.) Sorry, Dave, didn't mean to scare you off. And to answer the question we posed in the aforementioned article, no, Buck Jones will not be playing at the festival this year. They were accepted, they broke up, end of story. That, in fact, is the official word from singer-bassist Gabrielle Douglas. We figured as much, but we have a soft spot for easy jokes...

James and Neil Stone haven't been heard from much since their surprise exit from Comet a few years back brought the group to a screeching halt. But the Stone brothers are due to begin playing around the area in the near future with their new band The French Films. The first stop for The French Films is at Rubber Gloves on March 3, where they'll appear on a bill with Best Boy Electric (featuring ex-members of Low) and Lift to Experience. The band has been working on new material since the beginning of last year, and according to James Stone, along with the new songs, they are "also resurrecting a few old ones." The group also features bassist Michael Bastillo and drummer Carlos Jackson, who, in addition to maintaining his own solo recording project (The Shells), is also an employee at the new Good Records store. See -- it all ties together, fellas...

And since we've mentioned a number of the bands who'll be appearing on the ballot for this year's Dallas Observer Music Awards, we thought we'd also point out that it will soon be available on the Observer Web site, located at Keep an eye out, and you'll have a chance to get your all-important votes in early. While you're there, don't forget to check out Scene, Heard: Dallas Observer Radio for a full hour of music you can't hear anywhere else, and commentary you probably wouldn't want to. There, you also have the chance to speak directly with the hosts Robert Wilonsky and Zac Crain. Meaning: Save your bitching until Tuesday at 4 p.m., then call (214) 748-2488. The show is also available on archive 24 hours a day every other day of the week. Sooner or later, we'll just cut out the middle man and put all of this in an actual ad.

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