Little people

A Bush victory in November could mean big bucks for small Dallas entrepreneurs

But during her husband's tenure in Austin, Faircloth says, Laura Bush has come to enjoy the challenge of "knowing what reads well for the camera...You have to do that when you are in the public eye."

The Dallas designer has dressed all the Bush women, crafting the inauguration gowns for the governor's 16-year-old twin daughters. When they came into the shop for selections and fittings, Faircloth says, "there was the typically little bit of, 'Oh, mother,'" and an adolescent sigh as mother and daughters sorted out what would be right for the occasion.

Faircloth has been happy to see the First Lady swathed in his designs during her two key lengthy interviews on network television. "For the interview on 20/20," he recalls, "she wore a green and black bouclé pantsuit. And for Good Morning America, she wore a robin's-egg-blue suit."

She failed, he notes, to wear a Faircloth design at the televised event after the New Hampshire vote -- when her husband received his biggest blow from then Republican rival John McCain.

"I told her, 'Wear one of mine next time,'" Faircloth says. Although he says he was only teasing, he notes that the candidate's wife did follow his advice in South Carolina -- the primary where Bush received his big boost.

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