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Donna Smith
Committee Chair of the Diverse Neighborhood Coalition

Dish's résumé

As a Dallasite, I have noticed over the years that Dallas Observer food critic Mark Stuertz seldom has a kind word to say about any of the restaurants in Dallas. My friends and I often disagree with what he says in his articles, almost to the point that we give his articles no credibility.

I am writing to see whether it is possible for you to publish his credentials. We'd like to know what culinary school he graduated from, and/or where he received his culinary training.

Mike Johnston

The editor responds: In addition to having a tongue, an appetite, and a flair for writing, Mark Stuertz worked for 10 years in various restaurants in Chicago as a line cook, prep cook, kitchen trainer, busboy, and dishwasher. He also was the managing editor of a restaurant trade publication in San Francisco and helped develop consumer education and international marketing programs for California wines for the Wine Institute. So there.


Here's a comment on your coverage of South by Southwest (March 23):

If you're in a band, you're no good.

If you're in a band and write your own songs, you're not even trying.

If you're in a band and write your own songs and want to sign with the "Big 4," you don't even like music much.

Tom Hendricks

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