Game boy

Sure, Troy can throw a ball, but can he shoot an ion cannon?

As of yet, the NCAA has not sanctioned college scholarships.

These days Munoz devotes himself wholly to the Dallas-based CPL, which he began three years ago for players he met through Adrenaline Vault whose skills had exceeded personal and online play. His first CPL competition was October 1997 in Dallas. About 500 people attended. This year he expects more than 500 to compete, plus spectators to watch the games, play in unofficial side games, and visit lectures by gaming experts and an exhibit of software and hardware vendors. Since the first Dallas tournament, he's taken the league across the world, holding tournaments in other countries and founding specialized leagues on other continents. CPL Asia is stationed in Singapore, and CPL Europe calls Denmark home. There are also satellites in Germany, Greece, and the United Kingdom.

All this began because Munoz was bored with his job. He owned a Dallas investment banking firm, but was tired of investing money is other people's ideas. He also wanted more time for his family. He sold off some of the firm's assets so he wouldn't have to work, and began playing video games. He started a publishing company called and founded Adrenaline Vault. The site grew into a magazine by merging other Web sites and their staffs into his, making it like a newspaper where each section has its own specialized writers. "We were excited when we had 100 visitors a month," he says. "Now we receive 3.5 million visitors a month." He has a publisher and an editor running Adrenaline Vault now so he can focus on making gaming a respected, professional sport. "I've never been so excited in my life as I am about this," he says "The only thing I'm still waiting on is that call from ESPN, and then everything will all fall together."

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