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You claim that Pat Green fans are the dumbasses of the world. Why? Because you don't like his music. Wow, that is such a "dumbass" comment from such a smart, well-respected individual as yourself.

Personally, I like to think Pat Green fans are a little more intelligent than the average music fan. Here is a guy who does not have a national recording contract. Here is a guy who does not get shoved down our throats by the corporate sloths in Nashville. But he has succeeded in gaining a huge fan base. Why? Because he writes and performs some damn good songs that we can relate to.

I guess you cannot relate to Pat because his songs are about fun and enjoying life instead of being a bitter, sorry individual.

My only advice, Rob -- get a life...and enjoy it.

Via e-mail

Patterson's article on Pat Green is a dead ringer. The college pukes will not see it in the same fashion, but that was one of the author's points anyway.

Pat's lowered the common denominator in the equation of what it takes to make music pay. Pat Green is the Kenny Rogers of Texas Music. He can't write himself out of a wet paper bag. Tacos, queso, beer, hill country, road trips, beer, whiskey, float trips, women, and more beer -- these are the elements of Pat's formula for successful songwriting in Texas. He touches nothing significant or soulful in his songs, and his shows are one beer-showered roaring pep rally after another.

He uses the pride Texans feel for their state and the angst of 16- to 23-year-olds as a crutch for poor songwriting, mediocre musicianship, and mundane production. It's "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" geared for Texans. He can't play out of the state, and no artist of any integrity will back him. He does not have the respect of any of his peers nor any of his heroes. Folks in the biz tolerate him only because of his numbers.

This is what you get, Pat. Sell your soul to the devil of the Texas frat circuit, and guess what you've earned: a permanent throne atop the heap of sell-outs.

Your evaluators will always be vocal. You'll have your bus and your screaming, beer-chugging, CD-buying college fans, but you'll never make a good record and you'll never have that one thing you crave so dearly. Respect.

First-rate article, Rob. I could hug you. If indeed Pat does reek, the world's not going to let him know through CD sales or concert attendance. So all we have left is critical reviews, and I think justice sleeps a little easier every time a journalist tells his or her readers the truth about Pat Green.

Sonny Cambolia
Via e-mail

I was surprised to read what Rob had written. Maybe it was a tad harsh. I have no vendetta against your paper or the people who write for it. I have never gone on record to say that the Dallas Observer lacks taste or qualified critics. I understand that the very nature of critics is to take their feelings about artists and reveal them to the public. However, don't you think attacking the people who listen to my music is a little too much? I have had embarrassing moments when I accidentally slammed someone's work, not knowing they were listening. I felt terrible and apologized to the point of raking myself over the coals...though that's not the issue.

I love good reviews. Most of the reviews are quite nice. In fact, this is the second bad review I have received in my life, and also the second bad review I have received from this publication. The people who take time to talk to me after shows or whenever are well-received, and I listen to them talk about themselves and their lives. You guys should try it. It makes the compliments that make others feel good about themselves come out easier.

This is how I go through my life. I completely understand that this is not how everybody goes through life. I can accept a good roast of me and my music. I can take the occasional "not so good, Mr. Green." I appreciate the soul of Mr. Patterson. Very colorful and spirited, and in the right light, I bet his thoughts and words shine and inspire people. However, this piece of work lacked integrity and hurt people.

Not so good, Mr. Patterson.

Pat Green
Via e-mail

An article is one thing. A complete lack of respect is another. I hold the writer of the article responsible as well as the editor of your rag. I think you can glean from this e-mail that you have lost a reader. Texas is ashamed of you.

Jim T. Graham
Via e-mail

Rob Patterson, you blow! You obviously have no taste in music, you stupid yankee. If you don't like Texans or their music, then get the hell out of here. No one is asking you to stay.

Most people I know think that you suck and want you to leave the state. You say Pat Green is not respected by any respectable artists. Then why has he opened up numerous times for Willie and been spoken of highly by Robert Earl Keen, Johnny Cash, etc.? You are mistaken in stereotyping the type of people who listen to his music. I was with five older people at Billy Bob's this weekend who loved him and didn't appreciate your article at all.

You suck, Rob!

Via e-mail

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