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 Good Records recently launched its new online radio station, Radio Good, located at Well, it's not completely new: For the most part, Radio Good is an updated version of daisyradio, the Internet-only radio station started by the members of Tripping Daisy about a year and a half ago. Radio Good and daisyradio share the same all-day, every-day schedule, and at least a few of the same people (former Tripping Daisy frontman Tim DeLaughter, among others) are making the programming decisions. The station's playlist includes music by everyone from Air to Yo La Tengo. Radio Good will also feature live Webcasts of in-store performances (the next happens on May 19 at 6 p.m., when Bob Log III stops by the store before his gig that night at Bar of Soap) and, in the near future, shows hosted by store employees. But the station's playlist is good enough (no pun intended) without any added bonuses; when we were listening, Radio Good played songs by Primal Scream, Belle & Sebastian, Centro-matic, Takako Minekawa, Clinton, and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Not only that, but the sound is much better than the tin-cans-and-string offerings of most online outfits. You know, like our own Scene Heard Radio...

One Ton Records has started a new CD sampler/all-ages concert series, Buzz-Oven, an undertaking similar to the Dos Sensenseos project Chris Llewellyn attempted a couple of years ago. The aim of both efforts is simple: Attract a new generation of fans to see and hear local bands, the groups you can't usually hear on the radio. To that end, Buzz-Oven and its network of "buzzers"--led by 18-year-old Matt Gunter, who worked with Jeff Liles on the Static Orange compilation and also drums for locals Orchid--have begun distributing free CDs to area high schools and colleges, discs that feature a pair of tracks from Valve, Slow Roosevelt, and Red Animal War. All three bands will perform at all-ages shows on June 24 at the Lone Star Country Club in Coppell and June 30 at Fort Worth's Ridglea Theater. If you can't wait that long, Slow Roosevelt performs Saturday at Curtain Club, and Red Animal War opens for [DARYL] on Friday. Viva la rock...

Crash Vinyl bassist Dave Jessup has an alter ego, Bubblegum Crisis, which he recently unveiled at the sixth installment of Sub-Tronic Theatre at Liquid Lounge on May 11. We've got a four-song disc from Bubblegum Crisis that mixes sound bites from a quartet of films (Star Wars, Blade Runner, The Thing, and Evil Dead) with breakbeats and drum loops, sounding like a rave happening in the middle of a sci-fi convention. On a quasi-related note, Don Cento, former guitarist for the Tomorrowpeople and current Chomsky keyboardist, can also be found fronting The Browsers, which includes Cento's Tomorrowpeople bandmate, drummer Bill Shupp. As it happens, Shupp also plays drums for The Deathray Davies (replacing Chomsky's Matt Kellum), and bass for Stereo Rookie, whose debut EP, A Fine Place to Start, will be available soon. To bring it all full circle, Kevin Ingle--who plays with Jessup in Crash Vinyl--also performs with Shupp in The Deathray Davies. It's only confusing if you let it...

Nick Brisco returns to Dallas at the end of the month for a pair of shows.
Bobby Jack Pack Jr.
Nick Brisco returns to Dallas at the end of the month for a pair of shows.
As if his show on KHKS-FM isn't bad enough, now Kidd Kraddick give us Sons of Harmony.
As if his show on KHKS-FM isn't bad enough, now Kidd Kraddick give us Sons of Harmony.

Vanilla Ice will be guesting on the new Hellafied Funk Crew album. Or maybe HFC drummer Chris Antonopolous is appearing on the next Vanilla Ice album. Not too sure about this item, because we learned the information after putting away far too many bourbon-flavored beverages at the recent Elliott Smith show at Trees--and before putting Vanilla Ice into a headlock/hug. Actually, it may have been the rapper formerly known as Robby Van Winkle putting us in a headlock, while looking frighteningly similar to Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst. (So much for our inclusion on the V.I.P. Posse.) All we really know is that we stood outside of Trees for a few minutes and introduced him to a handful of people as "my boy Robby"--which sounded more like "mewrjlke bweeirwd Rasdueys," or something along those lines. The point is, Vanilla Ice and Hellafied Funk Crew are working together. And also, drinking your body weight in bourbon is, um, bad...

Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios will host a two-night benefit for the Humane Society featuring performances by Centro-matic, Little Grizzly, The Reds, and The Baptist Generals on Friday, and Destination Venus and Sub Oslo on Saturday. While we're plugging shows, Chomsky and Red Animal War help [DARYL] celebrate the release of its debut EP on Friday; Vibrolux plays at Curtain Club on Thursday; and Yells at Eels--former KERA-FM host and trumpet player Dennis Gonzalez with his kids, Stefan and Aaron, as his rhythm section--and Blush perform at Kessler Park Community Church on Saturday. (As some of you may remember, Kessler Park Community Church is where Bedhead recorded 1994's 4-song EP 19:10.) Also, Bowling for Soup officially releases its Jive Records debut, Let's Do It For Johnny!!, Friday at Curtain Club, and Slobberbone hits Gypsy Tea Room on Saturday. No reason to stay at home this weekend...

Denton's Good/Bad Art Collective hosts its latest benefit concert, Benefit 59: "I Write the Songs...", on Saturday at Dan's Bar, and--surprise, surprise--John Freeman is on the bill. The show--featuring performances by Mission Giant, Corn Mo, Dutch Treats (Freeman's solo act), and a special guest--will, as frequently is the case, involve the audience. At the beginning of the night, four groups of volunteer songwriters (no more than six in each one) will write the lyrics for two original songs together. During each performer's set, the lyrics will be fed into a teleprompter, and the performer will be asked to spontaneously create music to accompany them. Naturally, none of the performers will see the lyrics until the song begins. Which is similar to how we write this column each week: Someone gives us a few names and we make up stuff around it. Of course, now that the secret is out, all of you must die...

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