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What hell hath Kidd Kraddick wrought? More than usual this time, it seems. On top of hosting an embarrassingly popular morning show on KHKS-FM (106.1), Kraddick also is responsible for assembling Sons of Harmony, yet another in a short line of 'N Sync-Backstreet Boys clones, only not as good. Or any good for that matter. But Kraddick can't take all the credit: Though he held the contest ("Tearin' up their hearts," October 7, 1999) that brought the group together, local producer-record exec J. "Tech" Huffman has taken the band off his hands since then. And if the liner notes for Sons of Harmony's debut CD single, "If You Were My Girl," are to be believed, not only does the group have an album (Born to Sing) on the way, but also--Jesus Christ!--a movie. See and hear for yourself when Sons of Harmony is part of the eclectic lineup at this year's Artfest, along with Roy Hargrove, N'Dambi, Brave Combo, John Adams, Bugs Henderson, Dallas Wind Symphony, Colin Boyd, and more...

At the end of this month, former Fever in the Funkhouse frontman Nick Brisco returns to town for the first time since moving to Brooklyn earlier this year, and he has a pair of new albums with him. The first is Centaur Battle of San Jacinto (an extended barroom brawl), music Brisco composed to accompany Ruth Margraff's play of the same name. The New York production of Centaur Battle wraps up its two-week run on May 21. The other disc is Damn the Possibilities, a Brisco solo album recorded with Reed Easterwood, with help from guitarist Michael Hill, drummer Jim King, and bassist Steve Chambers. Damn the Possibilities also features violinist Reggie Rueffer, and a none-too-attractive photo of a shirtless Brisco inside the CD booklet. You can pick up a copy of both records when Brisco performs May 28 at the Kalita Humphreys Theater as part of the Dallas Theater Center's Festival of the Unexpected. Brisco plays a solo set at 9 p.m., followed by another set with his band, Plato's Kave, at 10 p.m. He will also show up the next night at Muddy Waters, in case you just can't get enough Brisco. And really, who can?

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