Rubber Gloves finally brings its own alcohol, and the Gypsy Tea Room tackles That Hip Hop Genre

After months (and months and months) of speculation, it appears that Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios is finally on the verge of opening its long-promised bar. According to the club's Robin Phillips, the bar (beer and wine only for now, it seems) will begin operating nightly in late July--in other words, well over a year after Rubber Gloves owner Josh Baish and the rest of the crew had hoped for its delivery. Apparently, Rubber Gloves is just waiting on the official word from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), and it's a go. But don't get too excited yet. Where the city government of Denton is even tangentially involved, nothing's a sure thing until you see it happen...

While Rubber Gloves remains a bring-yer-own establishment for the next few weeks, the club hosts one of two Sub Oslo CD release parties (for Dubs in the Key of Life) on July 1. Opening bands haven't been announced, but since Mandarin will open up for Sub Oslo on June 30 at the Gypsy Tea Room, you could assume that yet another Two Ohm Hop Records band will perform. For more on Sub Oslo, see "Sub geniuses" on page 101...

Sub Oslo isn't the only band celebrating the release of a new CD this weekend. The Lucky Pierres welcome their second effort, My Temptation, into the world on July 1 at XPO Lounge. If you can't find the time to stop by and buy a copy of the disc, head to While we're on the subject, here's a fun fact for your next family dinner: "Lucky Pierre" is a term describing the central figure in what we believe the French call a ménage à trois. You learn something new every day...

We don't care what you say, we still like The Deathray Davies. If only they'd play a little less often.
We don't care what you say, we still like The Deathray Davies. If only they'd play a little less often.

While we're pimping shows, here are a few more: Pleasant Grove performs June 30 at Bar of Soap with I Love Math (The Deathray Davies, more or less), and July 6 at Curtain Club with Mandarin and Ghostcar. The Hundred Inevitables, meanwhile, will play a rare live gig, opening up for The Adventures of Jet on July 1 at Club Clearview...

Red Animal War has signed with Deep Elm Records, the North Carolina-based label responsible for the infamous Emo Diaries series of compilations. The group is currently recording six new songs to add to tracks it had already recorded and had intended, until recently, to release as Give Me My Pipe Dreams. Deep Elm, which has been courting the band for quite some time, plans to release the results later this year. If you want to check out Red Animal War before then, you can catch the group at the second all-ages Buzz-Oven showcase on June 30 at Fort Worth's Ridglea Theater (with Slow Roosevelt and Valve), and July 5 at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios with Hot Rod Circuit...

The band still known as Darlington will release a new four-track, seven-inch single, "Texas Punk Rock Sweethearts," on August 19 on Mutant Pop Records. The songs were recorded at the Laser Trax studio in Arlington. And to clear up what we mentioned a few weeks ago, bassist Angelique Congleton, despite leaving the group to move briefly to Chicago, is indeed an official member of the Darlington. Sorry for any confusion...

In case you've missed it--and when hip-hop and Dallas are in the same sentence, there's a pretty good chance--the Gypsy Tea Room has started hosting weekly hip-hop showcases on Wednesday nights, under the collective heading of, simply, That Hip Hop Genre. Put together by Sound Theory Productions, the Wednesday-night gigs are one of the few places in town to hear hip-hop in a club on a regular basis. DJ Phooka spins every week, joined by a rotating crew of DJs and many special guests. Doors open at 9 p.m...

Bubblegum Crisis, otherwise known as Crash Vinyl bassist Dave Jessup, performed at the recent Hollywood Expo at the Plano Centre. Joined by former (current?) Crash Vinyl dancers Krissy Spinner and Ashley Jones--resplendent in green wigs and little else--Jessup did his live-P.A. bit, which involved mixing samples of sci-fi classics with get-down breakbeats. Of course, we're not sure how many people paid attention to Jessup and crew, since also making appearances at the Expo were Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca in the original Star Wars trilogy) and Richard "Jaws" Kiel, among others. But, if nothing else, it was the perfect place for Bubblegum Crisis' particular shtick. And though we'd like to say we went there for the express purpose of seeing Jessup's act, that, sadly, is not the case.

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