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Donna L. Goguen
San Antonio

Good stuff

As a cast member of good vs. evil (I played Ford), I want to thank Robert Wilonsky for his brilliant, heartfelt, and--I have to say--heroic article concerning the demise of the series (Stuff, May 11). There was so much talent right down to the production-assistant level that went into making this program that it is indeed a pity to see it go. And it was made at scholarship prices.

But there is and always has been a gap between what is actually good and how those in power feel about what is good. X-Files is the only show that weathered abysmal ratings for its first (and some say best) season to go on to the success it had. Kudos to my hero, Chris Carter, and to Fox on that one. The Pates and Steve Chao hung in there for us, but there it is. I guess if USA hadn't picked us up in the first place, nobody would have seen us at all, so it is something we can take pride in. Again, thanks to your paper and Robert for that wonderful acknowledgement of the show.

Marshall Bell
Los Angeles

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