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Denise Woods
Flower Mound

After reading the article about Flower Mound, I felt I must write and express my opinion. I moved to Flower Mound two years ago from western Massachusetts, where there is no master plan nor are there subdivisions as we know them here in the south. I am originally from Georgia, but lived in the northeast for 12 years before moving to Texas in 1998. The reason my husband and I bought a home in Flower Mound was the beauty and spaciousness of the area. We like the way things have been planned or controlled in our new town! Nowhere is it written that we have to grow to be like Plano or any other town or city.

We joined the Voters United this past winter because we agree with what they are trying to accomplish for our town. No one twisted our arm; we read and followed what has been happening, and we made up our own minds. I hope that Mayor DeLuca and our elected officials in Flower Mound will continue to work to preserve Flower Mound. It is a crying shame that people like Ms. Morris can use her profession as an attorney to be such a pain. I personally think Ms. Morris needs to grow up and act like a professional and an adult. If she doesn't like the way Flower Mound is, I propose she look elsewhere.

Gwen Gary
Flower Mound

There are always two sides to every story, and you covered it pretty well. I am a member of Voters United to Preserve Flower Mound and proud of it. I moved here in 1985 to get away from Dallas traffic and crime. At that time it was only 10,000 in population. I have seen it explode in the last 15 years. I also still commute to Dallas, and I spend half of my commute time just trying to get out of Flower Mound. So thank goodness we have Voters United and people who are interested in trying to control growth.

I attended many planning and zoning meetings and council meetings in the past, when the "old guard" ruled and let developers have their way with the land. I have also seen clear-cutting and huge oak trees die because of development. Call me a tree-hugger, and I'll give you a big hug. And to the developers and Donna Morris, the voters of Flower Mound have spoken. Deal with it.

Connie Reese
Flower Mound

Fair market

I am a police officer with the Dallas PD, and all I can say to you is thank you (for "Wolf? What wolf?," June 15). I do not want the police department to be glorified as a bunch of saints or anything like that. All I want is fair pay for my work, what I call fair market value. If I lived in the Chicago area, the Los Angeles area, or the New York area, I would like a fair market value as compared to what other officers in the area were making.

I am just a cop, but I do not understand the thinking of our bosses. It was my understanding that the police, other city departments, and, yes, the city council are to serve the citizens for a better city. What happened to the city council, our bosses, I do not know.

Well again, sir, I say thank you.

Name withheld by request
Via e-mail

Blame it on Bossa Nova

Such preoccupation with emetics makes me wonder if the Bossa Nova reviewer is in need of one, accounting for his bad mood ("Love sick," May 25). Was he under the impression this was a contender for a learned documentary award instead of a carefree movie in the best Brazil manner in which Rio stars along with the actors? His description of rude and crude fits the review rather than this nice, romantic little movie which is undeserving of such scabrous venom. He is irritated by the beaches, mountains, sunsets because they are too gorgeous..."even jet planes seem cuddly"?! Gracious me, words fail. Except to suggest next time he has a movie to review, take something. The night before.

Shirley Brazill

Last shot

I can totally understand the opinion of the writer ("Body shots," June 15), only because I believe that everyone has their opinion. But she's forgetting about the song itself. Shouldn't she be a critic of Mariah Carey's music and not of what she's wearing? Shouldn't she actually put aside his own negative judgments of her personally and look deep into her music?

You can't take away the fact that Mariah Carey is a phenomenal singer! You can't take away the fact that she is the best-selling female artist of the '90s. The writer wrote about the fact that there are little girls out there struggling with their weight. Well, as a girl who isn't the skinniest around, I'm tired of all this. I'm tired of people saying that "skinny superstars" are the ones to blame for eating disorders! Yes, I'm not skinny, and yes, I love myself. I didn't gain my self-confidence by imitating a celebrity. I built that self-confidence on my own.

It's not fair that this "critic's" negative opinion is printed to crush the hearts of millions of fans!

Isabel Villalobos
El Centro, California

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