He's baaaack

Marty Griffin, onetime media pariah, readies for his return--this time, on radio

According to Griffin, Converged Media's first program, On Your Side Radio, is being honed now and is set to debut August 10 on KRLD-AM. Griffin will host the show, a consumer activism program that will converge only two of the three mediums (radio and the Internet). After Texas Rangers games, Griffin will broadcast from the company's Deep Ellum studios, helping callers and e-mailers (the show will be available through the Net) find the best landscaper, or best roofer, or car dealership, or grocery-delivery service, or...you get the idea: an interactive, local Consumer Reports.

"I understand that people may hear 'Marty Griffin' and think I'm going to jump out of the dark and say 'Gotcha,' but it won't be that way," Griffin says. "We'll use a feather, not a hammer. We'll have experts, doctors, lawyers, folks to help consumers make the right decision."

The show will also be on the air online (www.onyoursideradio.com) Monday through Friday, live from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Ignoring for a minute your well-founded cynicism about Internet Radio--our own Robert Wilonsky, who co-hosted a Dallas Observer Net radio show for two years, says one can reach the same audience with two cans and a string--Griffin is hopeful that he can succeed. And, he notes, if the show is a success, there are plans for dozens of other such shows, including a sports-oriented program with pal Matthews.

"I understand, though, that everything hinges on how this program does," Griffin says. "It's the showcase, the one that has to work so that we can move forward on our other ideas.

"And I know that there will be a curiosity just because I am who I am. I'm a train wreck. People hear my name and say, 'Oh my, I don't want to watch.' But they do. I know I have that reputation, and I hope to use whatever I can to get people to listen. But once they do, I hope the concept itself and the quality of the show keep them around. I hope they can get past the fact that I did one story that blew up years ago and judge me by everything I've done, what I'm doing now, what we will do, not by one story."

OK, that's his story. I'm not sure it clears up everything re: Mr. Griffin. I'm not sure his good intentions should absolve him of a lot of the grief he's caused. I'm not sure Marty is the brightest cat in the shed. But I'm sure glad he's back in town, because at least the man isn't scared to return a call and answer some questions, unlike many of the local media cowards who still mock him.

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