Falling down; One deluded man; Family matters; The Stick Men speak

We did eventually play there with our friends the Butthole Surfers on January 31, 1987. Oddly enough, this was to be our last show for over a year. We had had enough of each other and of the scene for a while and took a break.
Clarke Blacker
Lantana, Florida

How to spell Britney

I am writing to comment on the remarks made in the June 15 article "Hit her. Really." I am a 20-year-old fan of pop, but I enjoyed the writing style of the author. He was wrong to say that pop's audience would never read this kind of material, because he writes like a twentysomething and the audience feels they can relate. I found it incredibly witty and I enjoyed the sarcasm. I have to admit, I also enjoyed seeing someone spell Britney Spears correctly--BS. That is all I enjoyed, though. I don't think it is fair to group all of pop music's audience into one teeny-bopper brainless category. I am an undergrad student and I like to think I am somewhat intellectual and worldly, and my love for pop music does not change that. I am not a Britney fan, but I am a pop fan, especially 'N Sync (which I am sure you will have lovely comments about).

Everyone has their own opinions, along with the right to voice them. All that I ask is that next time you think before doing so. Not all fans are stupid, and we certainly do not utter the word "duh" every other second when speaking. Is it not possible to be a young, intelligent fan of pop music?
Jessica DeLuca
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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