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Where Did Our PLUR Go?

Raving mad: I think this article is absolutely disgusting. I am new to the rave scene ("The Straight Dope," August 3), but this is not why I go to raves. I can honestly say that I and more than 100 of my closest friends go to raves for the pure enjoyment of the music and the vibe that is brought by people having the opportunity to enjoy the music and the company of some of the most intelligent and creative people in the world. The reporter even commented that she was there to highlight the positive aspects of DanceSafe. This is just another sick ploy of the media to find more negative stories in order to sell subscriptions and papers. I detest your organization, and you have not heard the last of me.Thank you for your time, and I hope that my voice has been heard regarding this article. I have the backing of several thousand people, and I look forward to your hearing from them.

Anthony Ragno III

Tell it like it is: The account of Lisa Singh's experience at a Dallas rave is relatively true. Her experience was truly from an observer's viewpoint. I found that not too much opinion was forced on this article and thank her for her unbiased statements. She focused on what she saw and heard. Even though it seemed to be all about drugs, there are those who simply love the music. I appreciate her directness about her experience and believe everything she stated actually happened. I experience that just about every weekend. I love it! Lisa, I hope you enjoyed your adventure. You were introduced to a whole new world that I hope you understand is a world we love!Peace, love, and much respect.

Lisa Levine
Via e-mail

PLUR to you too: You guys are fucking ruthless piece of shit reporter bastards that need to get the fuck out of town!

Jarod Pace

E-tards: I can see why a reporter who has never been in the rave scene would not understand. Yes, there are drugs at raves, but for a true raver it's just about the music and the cool people you meet. The last couple of years, raves have been commercialized, which brings new people into the scene who think it's about rolling and who don't even notice the music. If you would try out some of the actual little underground parties and get-togethers, you would see the true vibe of raving. The little parties are the ones the "old-school" kids go to because of all the -- as we call them -- "E-tards." All I'm trying to say is, do research, talk to the people who've been in the scene for a while and actually care about it. Our scene is getting a bad rap because of people who are new to it and have never really experienced the real meaning of the word "rave" -- PLUR. That's what it's all about!

Andrea Leverett

Same ol': It's nice to see that the Dallas Observer decided to follow the hype about raves and print a story that has absolutely nothing different in it.

Michele Bickle

Rolling: Fine reporting...If you are selling more Observers because of stories like this, then you should do a complete lineup of all the after-hours places in the city -- your eyes would be opened.

"Black Spyder"
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Just Shoot Him

John Gonzalez's crayons: During the last three years, anytime I saw a Dallas Observer, I grabbed it. I am a fan of most things the Observer has to offer in terms of articles about Dallas-area life, music, and movies. I am not a fan of your new "sports" writer. I played college sports, and I never cared that there was never anything in the Observer about sports; to me, the Dallas Observer was a close to perfect publication. Sure, [Zac] Crain and [Robert] Wilonsky are vicious, and others seem to follow their lead, but at least they have talent. Jim Schutze gave me an interest in things I never thought I could care about. You had good writers.John Gonzalez is awful. This guy only writes in your paper so he can sit at home (most likely alone) and read it and pat himself on the back. This, of course, is assuming he can read. If he really could read, he would realize the shit he writes is as close to unprintable as you can get. The Observer should do the right thing and take away John's crayons and send him to get some writing lessons. I thought the report on the Rangers and their fans ("Positive Reinforcement," June 29) was bad, but the talk about the Mavericks and their fans ("Feelin' the Draft," July 6) was basically the same article. It was a forum for this "writer" to put on the façade of sports talk while using alleged cleverness to please the reader. Please, Dallas Observer, do the right thing and send this man over to the pistol-packing grannies -- they deserve each other.

Blake Reedy

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