The Enforcer

Baylor grad Keith Bishop played in three Superbowls. Ten years later, he's become a star again -- this time, by fighting Dallas drug dealers.

Bishop's motivation has served him well. He recently received a promotion that will make him a staff coordinator (a supervisory position) with DEA headquarters outside of Washington, D.C., in Crystal City, Virginia. It's a big step.

"As far as we're concerned, we're losing a very talented agent," says Mike Dromgoole, assistant special agent in charge at the Dallas DEA office. "It's great for the DEA, though. It's a position a lot of the senior guys want. Keith is probably two or three years ahead of what you'd expect for that type of move, especially for somebody without any prior law enforcement experience."

Whereas most of us would have careened off the track and smacked into the wall on turn three, he's had no trouble negotiating the learning curve. Already he's moving up, already he's proved more worthy than the rest.

But, like we said, Keith Bishop isn't most of us.

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