Romance with a Beer Gut

Or, why chicks learn to love all things Steve

Up until that point, Steve had just been a nickname he and his brother used to mean 'cool.' "Hey, nice one, Steve." Or, "Good going, Steve."

"To be completely honest," Duncan says, "When my brother and I were picking up girls in bars, we used the name Steve. We felt it was a good name, a cool name girls would like."

But one night Duncan was in a bar. "There were six of us, me and five other guys who were taller, thinner, and better looking than me. This beautiful woman comes in. They all start hitting on her, so I know I don't have a chance. And that's when it all happened for me. I completely gave up. Then she says something about politics that I completely disagree with. I get into an argument with her about politics, which is something I know a little bit about. And then I went outside to smoke a cigarette. A few minutes later she came out to give me her phone number."

Donal Logue is Dex is Duncan North. Follow?
Donal Logue is Dex is Duncan North. Follow?

Now, North is on a roll, pepping up, showing a little excitement under the laid-back exterior. "I was like, uh...what the hell just happened? So, when faced with something like that, something that makes no sense, there's only one thing to do. You've got to deconstruct."

The dissection revealed: "I was desireless. I was excellent. I was gone."

The only thing left to do was put his hypothesis into practice--which he did immediately. To his amazement, he really had discovered one of the great secrets of the universe.

"Of course once I realized you don't have to really do anything, naturally I lost all my motivation, became a stoner, gained a lot of weight, and ballooned into Marlon Brando, all by the age of 19."

The Tao of Carrots

Women are pretty cool and they expect great things from you and that's all fine. But let's face it, if you are good-looking enough you really don't have to try that hard. But as soon as you're not, well ... you got to have a plan, something to draw them in. You know, a carrot.

This is what Duncan North says in front of two women--and somehow he doesn't get strung up by his short hairs like any other guy would.

In fact, the women just laugh, and the looks they give him glow with affection. Maybe he doesn't get strung up because these women have known him for a long, long time. These women are, after all, Jenniphr Goodman, the director, and Greer Goodman, her sister and the co-star and co-writer of this film based on him. Or maybe they are proof that there's something to the Tao of Steve, as both a philosophy and a movie. Everyone needs that carrot.

Greer explains, "Now neither of us were dating Duncan when we heard about his Tao of Steve philosophy, but as women we weren't offended by it. We thought it was funny. It wasn't misogynistic or sexist. It was clever. And it was an interesting perspective on human nature."

Jenniphr picks up on her sister's thoughts, trying to offer further insight: "He has a sincere but irreverent relationship with God. And yes, he was overweight, but he was the most successful dater of women that I had ever seen. Eventually, I realized if I don't make a movie about Duncan, I've wasted years of my life."

For Greer Goodman, getting involved in the production was much simpler. "My carrot was that I was an actress who needed work. Jenniphr and Duncan were talking about doing a one-man show or a documentary. I didn't see much work for me there. So I suggested that we turn it into a feature film. And now that we're done, we end up with a character like Duncan as a romantic leading man."

And it's this aspect that may be what draws audiences to The Tao of Steve--the film, the philosophy, and if Fox comes through, maybe even a TV show. No Nora Ephron version of love here. This isn't Hugh Grant pursuing someone who looks like Meg Ryan. It's a romantic comedy with a beer gut.

"Obviously, I'm not the first person that people think of for a leading man role," Logue says, and a look at his 40-something screen appearances, five coming this year including a part as the lone racist in Patriot Games, backs him up. "I felt this movie was a sort of make-or-break thing for me too. I wasn't trying to get my career off the ground like these guys, but I found myself becoming more desperate to just be a working actor. I don't give a shit if it's Reindeer Games. I'll stand in the background. Just send me the check so I can sit at home, read books, and raise my kid. But if you only do that, you'll never really know what kind of actor you can be. So it was really fortuitous. I really needed to have this test and see if I have what it takes to carry a film.

"Sure, there's more money in playing subservient roles as characters that don't have a lot of depth. But, shit, there's nothing else I was doing. Was a poster going to be out in front of the Angelica with me on it and Gary Sinese way in the background with the tagline: 'The most compelling thing about this movie is Pug?'"

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