Romance with a Beer Gut

Or, why chicks learn to love all things Steve

And what about North himself? Why put yourself up for the public to deconstruct?

"It's really like a million dollars worth of therapy," North says, straight-faced. "When we first started, it was just Jenniphr recording what I'm saying. Then it goes from me just talking to a script, and I'm like, hmm...this guy has some real weird behaviors. Then we're shooting a movie. And Donal is wearing my clothes and driving my truck. Then Donal's making out with Greer, my ex-girlfriend. Ugh. That's creepy. But because of 99 percent of what goes on during production doesn't really end up in a film, it was even weirder watching it with an audience of 400 strangers. It's like astronaut perspective, floating around the earth looking down at something foreign. Look at this guy, he's a compulsive womanizer and sexaholic. Somebody get him some help quick. It's sort of like at the end of Braveheart where they cut him open and he looks down and they are pulling his intestines out. It's a lot like that. Very painful."

Logue interjects. "Except that guy dies, and you go get laid at the afterparty."

Donal Logue is Dex is Duncan North. Follow?
Donal Logue is Dex is Duncan North. Follow?

Duncan North considers this for a second, then smiles. "So the experience has been good."

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