Peace at a Price

Taking on the subject of the Irish Troubles, Titanic Town runs into some troubles of its own

It may well be that the filmmakers, like Bernie, have only the purest of motives. One can overlook the fact that the film seems to have been funded entirely by British and French, rather than Irish, companies. (Of course, British companies have funded some clearly pro-Irish films as well.) It's harder to overlook the image the film presents of the opposing sides. While the Brits, represented primarily by two politicians, seem sleazy and hypocritical, most of the Irish on display are portrayed as ignorant, cowardly, squabbling, drunken louts who wouldn't know what to do with self-rule if it were handed to them with an instruction manual. Yes, Bernie and her family, as well as some of the IRA stalwarts, are basically sympathetic figures. But it would have taken expensive animatronics or computer imaging to make the residents of Andersonstown look any more subhuman.

Julie Walters wades through the Troubles in Titanic Town
Julie Walters wades through the Troubles in Titanic Town

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