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Darlington disolves; Rubber Gloves gets booked; Mandarin time; Club anniversaries; Shabazz 3 heads north; Plus, much, much more

In a deal announced on August 29, Salem Broadcasting Corp. traded KDGE-FM (94.5) to Sunburst Media for Christian radio station KLTY-FM (100.7). Salem had purchased The Edge in March from AMFM, before that company's merger with Clear Channel Communications, and it seemed inevitable that Salem, which primarily owns Christian stations, would drastically overhaul the station's format, if not do away with it all together. So, long story only slightly shorter, the trade is a good thing for those who are fans of The Edge's not-what-it-once-was playlist. You can still listen to Korn and Wheatus and Dynamite Hack and Eve 6 and whatever else is currently sucking up airspace as much as you like. Wait, are we being too enthusiastic? Sorry...

Bar of Soap celebrated its 14th anniversary on September 3, with a show featuring Thickhead, Deadites, Supersport 356, and Budapest One. (Sorry for letting that one slip past the goalie last week.) While we're slapping the boys at Bar of Soap belatedly on the back, congratulations also go out to owner Charlie Gilder and his wife, Tanna, proud new parents to Lola Lyday Gilder, born on August 25. So, now that that's out of the, is Galaga working again? Just checking...

While we're on the subject of anniversaries, Club Clearview celebrates its 15th anniversary on September 22 with a show featuring Chomsky and Bowling for Soup. Which brings up the question: What is it about September that makes it a good time to start a club? Along with Bar of Soap and Club Clearview, Trees also has a birthday this month, its 10th. Huh, must be the lure of the long Labor Day weekend. Or something like that...

Viva Maxitone has finished recording its debut EP, which will be out on Idol Records in October. The group will promote the disc by spending most of October on the road, ending up in Seattle for the Rockrgrl Music Conference, which happens November 2-4. Rockrgrl, by the way, is the 'zine whose publisher and editor-in-chief, Carla A. DeSantis threatened to "smash her guitar" over the head of former Dallas Observer staff writer Christina Rees after her scathing essay on why female musicians, uh, suck ("Girl trouble," September 30, 1999. And, hey, she said it, not us.). Before heading to the Emerald City, Viva Maxitone will participate in another music conference situation, the Cutting Edge Music Festival, scheduled for New Orleans at the end of this month. In the meantime, they play at Curtain Club on September 7. We'll be honest: We don't know enough about how the band sounds to make a decision either way, but they definitely have moxie. That's gotta count for something. Unless your band is actually named Moxie...

The Foxymorons, the bedroom-pop duo of David Deweese and Jerry James, will release their second album, the follow-up to last year's Calcutta, in January. The as-yet-untitled disc was recorded mostly with producer Matt Pence at the helm last December, with some of the group doing additional recording in Deweese's hometown of Nashville. (James still lives in Mesquite.) Always the optimist, James adds via e-mail, "I know...who cares." We care, Jerry. We care...

Quality Park Records has a relatively busy, though entirely tentative, schedule set for the next several months, including Little Grizzly's second effort, 300 Tricks You Can Do, which is set to come out early next year. Also in the works are a two-song single by [DARYL], a split EP with Centro-matic and Vermont (featuring Centro-matic super fan, The Promise Ring's Davey vonBohlen), as well as full-lengths by the Baptist Generals and Wiring Prank. And, just in case you thought Centro-matic was slowing down, a second round-up of odds/ends, The Static vs. The Strings Vol. II, will hit stores sooner rather than later...

Pennywhistle Park has released a seven-inch single, "Dashboard"/"It's All Gone Wrong," on its own Go Metric Records. You can pick one up at Good Records, or by e-mailing Do not, however, head to the URL listed on the back cover of the disc, Well, not unless you want more information about the great band Romig used to be in, Go Metric USA, and most of that is more out-of-date than the magazines in a doctor's office. You won't find any news regarding Go Metric Records or Pennywhistle Park...

Places to go drink and, oh yeah, listen: One-man band Homer Henderson opens for The Rattlesnakes at the Gypsy Tea Room on September 9; Speedtrucker and Cowboys & Indians play Club Dada on September 9; Chomsky, The Deathray Davies, OHNO, and Union Camp are all at the Curtain Club on September 8; Ugly Mustard plays for the final time, at Trees on September 9; Trees hosts a free show by Pleasant Grove and Lewis on September 7; the pride of Lewisville (or is it Flower Mound?), Brian J, is at the Galaxy Club on September 8; The Mag 7 are at Bar of Soap on September 8, with The Dead Band; and Vibrolux performs September 9 at XPO Lounge.

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