Head Aik

Hey, the mob's right: Troy is woozy and washed up--let's bring back Steve Pelluer!

"That shouldn't be that way," Jerry Jones will say, post-debacle, about the push to rid the area of the evil that is Troy Aikman. "The overall team didn't play well enough to support a win out there for Troy and his first game back. We did not get the job done all over. I was pleased with some of the things I saw Troy doing with relatively three weeks layoff. I was pleased with the way Troy played."

But you and Jones and Aikman will be in the distinct minority. By the time the once-mighty Cowboys are through getting ass-whupped by the 49ers, this whole ban-Aikman bandwagon will really be rolling.

Sensing what's coming, you glance at the TV and decide Bob Ley has got to go. You can't stand to hear any more about concussions, about how Aikman should ride into the sunset while he's still smart enough to identify one. Tired from insufficient sleep and the prospect of what's to come, you clumsily flip to another channel because already you've had enough talking heads talking about a whole lot of nothing. And just that quickly, the naysayers with their convoluted arguments and indictments of a certain QB are a distant memory--at least for the next few hours or so. All it took was an effortless press of a plastic-covered button and the desire to make it all go away.

The ban-Aikman bandwagon is rolling.
AP/Wide World
The ban-Aikman bandwagon is rolling.

Troy Aikman should have it so easy.

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