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This won't come as a shock to anyone who's ever had the misfortune of seeing us perform that point-and-jump-and-duck step Rerun used to do on What's Happening? or try to recreate the finale of Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo, but we can't dance. Not really. Not unless the polka counts, and outside of small, predominantly Czech communities in Central Texas, it doesn't. And as it happens, we generally don't like to point out that fact by attempting to do anything even remotely resembling dancing in public. So this may not affect us, but it could have an impact on the way some of you spend your weekends: On October 18, the Vice Division of the Dallas Police Department is scheduled to recommend to the city council that no more late hours dance hall permits be issued to Dallas nightclubs. These permits allow dance clubs to stay open until 4 a.m., or two hours later than clubs without them. If the DPD's recommendation is adopted, clubs such as Lizard Lounge and Red Jacket will have to pull the plug just when the fun is starting. (That's what we hear, anyway.) A Web site,, has sprung up to help combat the proposed ordinance, so the resistance is only a point and click away. If you think the dance hall permits are not enforced, we went to a Rocket From The Crypt show a few years ago at a then-permitless Deep Ellum Live. Though the audience was instructed to refrain from dancing, one young fan couldn't fight the urge, and was summarily tossed, prompting the band to storm off the stage one song into the set. You've been warned: Speak up now, or forever go home early...

Fury III recently released the four-song Fat Free EP, a recording future guitar hero Stephen Nutt modestly describes as "if the Kinks' Something Else had been performed by The Who on Live at Leeds." The disc is a sneak peak at the band's forthcoming debut full-length, which is going by the working title of Uphill, Loaded. When is it forthcoming? Hmm...eventually? Nutt's not sure, so Fat Free will have to tide you over for the time being. To help keep you sated, the band has a pair of upcoming shows scheduled: October 23 at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, opening for The Dismemberment Plan, and an in-store at Good Records on October 28 at 4 p.m. If nothing else, we're sure you can pick up a copy of the new EP on one of those occasions. And you should, because it's, you know, good and stuff...

Since Spot broke up a few years ago, Reggie Rueffer has become one of the city's busiest sidemen, fiddling around with Slick 57, Paul Slavens' Texclectic Unsemble, Buddy Mohmed, and Speedtrucker (which features his brother Chad on geetar), among others. Now, with the Ho Chi Men, Rueffer takes center stage, singing and playing bass along with guitarist Ed McMahon (yes, you are correct, sir) and drummer Pete Young. The trio, which made its debut in August at Dan's Bar, plays its first Dallas gig on October 6 at Jena's All Good Café, opening for Slavens' quartet. Haven't heard these fellas yet, but we always had a soft, uh, spot for Rueffer's previous band (as well as Mildred, his previous, previous band), and from the sound of it, it's safe to expect more of the same from the Ho Chi Men. Get in on the ground floor...

You say Kinsella, I say Kinsellas--let's call the whole thing off.
You say Kinsella, I say Kinsellas--let's call the whole thing off.
Remember these guys? If you do, they're at Curtain Club on October 31. Really.
Remember these guys? If you do, they're at Curtain Club on October 31. Really.

Speaking of Slick 57--weren't we?--the group is currently in the market for a new drummer, or technically, a permanent one. From what we can tell, the band switches stickmen practically after every song. Well, not really, but you get the idea. Anyhoo, auditions happen around the holidays, and you can set yours up by e-mailing bassist Ward Richmond at, or calling (214) 813-3170. And any and all interested applicants should be ready to hit the road, because that's what Slick 57 will be doing for much of next summer, as soon as singer-guitarist John Pedigo graduates from college...

Luckily, we've kept up with our membership dues in the Black Market Party, because Bobgoblin will reunite for one show on Halloween at the Curtain Club, with The Deathray Davies and [DARYL] also on the bill. Well, we say "reunite," but we really mean "put on different clothes," since, as most of you know, three-fourths of Bobgoblin plays together as The Adventures of Jet these days. And while new guitarist Zach Blair has been learning the full assortment of AOJ songs, the band has been known to throw in a Bobgoblin cover every once in a while. No word on whether or not one of Bobgoblin's many former guitarists will re-enlist for one last mission, joining singer Hop Litzwire, bassist Tony Janotta, and drummer Rob Avsharian. If you ask us, we'd guess it'll be Blair donning the black jumpsuit, since he and his bass-playing brother Doni almost joined Bobgoblin back in the day. While we're on the subject, someone who's heard half of AOJ's still-in-the-works second album, a concept record involving drag racing if we remember correctly, says it's even better than last year's Part 3: Coping with Insignificance. That's unpossible...

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