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Their tactics are also a form of intimidation. The message is, Dr. Laura made a comment against us, and you see what we did to her. The days when you can make a spurious claim that a person is a hatemonger, racist, intolerant, etc. are over. It's been tried too many times against honest, decent people. People who engage in character assassination eventually lose. Who is going to support their cause after they behave this way? How do they expect to get any respect after that?

Zachary Hilbun

Sci-fi needs help: It figures. Robert Wilonsky finally has enough foresight to write about a TV show that hasn't been canceled yet (Night & Day, September 28), and naturally he picks one he hates. Which raises the question--why bother?

If Dark Angel is as bad as Wilonsky says it is, then bad ratings will surely kill it by next June, if not in time for the November sweeps. If it isn't as bad, then Wilonsky has helped to kill a show that could have had real potential, a science fiction show which is going to have a hard enough time getting aired without the kvetching of some critic who actually looks forward--God help him--to the next installment of the Survivor series.

Hey, man. Different strokes for different folks. Some of us sci-fi fans actually welcome the chance to see a new sci-fi series that isn't tied in to Star Trek or X-Files. Save your words for promoting shows that don't necessarily get the publicity of a James Cameron production, and bear in mind that intelligent sci-fi needs all the help it can get.

If you wish to tell me "I told you so" a month from now, go ahead. But for now, save your venom for the suits whose idea of an innovative science fiction show is another Star Trek spinoff.

Roy Mendoza Jr.

No scholar he: Perhaps Vendyl Jones ("Seeker of the Lost Ark," September 28) has made some significant archaeological discoveries (e.g., related to the Copper Scroll of Qumran).

However, if his biblical scholarship is a measure of his archaeological aptitude, then I would have to question his integrity and his claims, as many apparently do. I have read his book, Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?, and continue to receive his newsletters, though I don't know why. His supposed exegesis and explanations of Greek New Testament passages (usually in an effort to "prove" that Christians are wrong about God and Jesus) are often so erroneous as to cause one to wonder if he ever really received training as a minister. He once dismissed a passage on the basis that it had (if I recall correctly) a "present indicative participle." Even first-year Greek students know that there is no such animal! Jones' newsletters and articles actually help bolster faith in Jesus--because he gives so many examples of faulty criticisms of the New Testament.

Eric Weiss

McKinney Airport spin: As the proud mayor of McKinney, I was glad to see a Dallas Observer journalist travel up Central Expressway to report on our great city and the McKinney Municipal Airport. Civic pride runs through our community, from the historic downtown area to the airport that served as the focal point of K. Shelby Clark's report ("Common Ground," August 31).

However, I do wish your reporter could have stayed a tad bit longer and dug a little deeper into her story. By talking primarily to a handful of misguided airport opponents and refusing to talk to a much larger cross-section of our community, she neglected to learn about the overwhelming support for the McKinney Municipal Airport.

With a little legwork and extra research (she thought our comprehensive plan had too many pages to read), she would have discovered the following:

· Last year, the Texas Department of Transportation named McKinney Municipal Airport the "Outstanding Reliever Airport of the Year." It is praised by transportation leaders across the country for its strong management and safety record.

· The McKinney Municipal Airport is guided by a 20-year plan drafted by our airport, city, and community leaders that will enhance, expand, and improve an airport that's quiet, clean, and spurs the economy.

· The airport will attract safe, upscale corporate aircraft for companies like Texas Instruments. The airport will not service large commercial airlines.

· A better, more vibrant airport will improve the quality of life and tax base for all of McKinney. The additional revenue will decrease the tax burden on homeowners and increase funds for better roads, parks, schools, and police.

While the mayor of Fairview has complained loudest about the airport, Fairview leaders must be quite confident in the safety of the airport. They recently approved construction of more than a thousand homes for senior citizens in an area of Fairview directly south of the runway. At the same time, they are also spendings tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars for an extremely negative and misleading campaign against the airport.

We are surprised your reporter neglected to disclose the above information even though it was made available to her. It appears as though she had cemented her opinion and written her headline long before coming to McKinney.

However, we welcome her to come visit us again and spend a day or two with civic and grassroots activists, business leaders, and elected officials to thoroughly discover McKinney and the great many strides we have made over the years.

Dan Dozier
City of McKinney

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