Whoa, Baby; Mutual Paranoia; Scary Columnist

So, perhaps through my overly sensitive perception or ignorance, I misunderstood your comment about "multiculturalism deteriorating from its original best intentions." I was aware that the past slights I had endured because of my brown skin might have caused me to be insolent on impulse.

In the end, I have to ask you this question. What is your definition of a theater critic? Are you a gossip columnist or a reviewer? I hope you are not the former. I have read you reviews and enjoyed many because you explain your ideas--good and bad--about the show you have just seen. You present intriguing reasons for your opinions. Whether I or anyone else agrees with those views is personal. This very same show watched on the very same night may conjure up very different feelings for other people. I may be bored by something that you believe to be the best show this side of the Mississippi.

Thank you for letting me express my thoughts on the subject of mutual paranoia and privacy. (Don't worry--"Dr." Laura will get hers someday. All tyrants do.)

Dolores Godinez

Scary Columnist

Please take your meds: In regard to Robert Wilonsky's review of Meet the Parents ("Sagging Bull," October 5), who gives a shit about that movie. But how could you say The Exorcist was not scary in the first place? You're a critic with a good eye. Did you forget your lithium? Please take your meds so you can get back to normal. And old John Frankenheimer movies are idiotic, right?

Jill Gettelson
West Hollywood

Cheesy Columnist

Go back to Philly: I started to read "Push the Panic Button" (October 5) thinking it was an article on the performance of the Rangers, when I suddenly realized that Mr. [John] Gonzalez is on an "I hate Dallas" tirade and using stats about the Rangers as an excuse to get his message out. Pardon me, but I say, GO BACK TO PHILLY! Since when do sports writers throw in jabs at successful local restaurants and television shows that bring revenue to the city? Mr. Gonzalez, are you saying that you prefer a greasy, fatty, cheese whiz-smothered sandwich to a top-quality beef cheesesteak covered in that famous mustard blend sauce? Well, you're the only one, based on the lunch crowds at Texadelphia. You're right in thinking that it's not the exact sandwich they sell at Jim's or Geno's in your hometown. It's better!

Christine Rossi

Dead Guitar Players

And Leonardo Da Vinci can't draw: It's a similar thing to when people try to convince you that BMWs really aren't such good cars, or that Leonardo Da Vinci couldn't draw. Trying to say that Stevie Ray Vaughan was not one of the greatest guitar players to walk the planet (Scene, Heard, September 21) is just some silly, ill-informed person trying desperately to be profound and controversial in the hope that they might make a name for themselves. It doesn't work, because anyone with any sense can see right through it. Maybe the person who wrote the piece on the SRV boxed set will grow up eventually and realize that there is nothing impressive about ignorantly putting down a person who so obviously does not deserve it. Soon this person will see that the world is split into two types of people: Those who know and love the music of Stevie Ray Vaughan, and those who have yet to experience it.

Claire Jackson
Via e-mail

Slamming a Texas hero: I am responding to that article you wrote about Stevie Ray Vaughan and his boxed set that is coming out. I don't know about everyone else, but it made me mad the way you slammed a Texas hero and the best guitar player of our time. I, for one, am glad they are coming out with unreleased material, and just because it was unreleased doesn't mean that it is bad. His music touched so many people, and I am just appalled that you would talk down on him like that. I hope this boxed set comes out and gets great reviews just so you can eat your words.

Jason Cowey
Via e-mail

Obviously, you are a non-musician: Your infantile attempts to discredit Stevie, his bandmates, and Jimi Hendrix were probably a journalistic all-time low. Obviously, you are a disgruntled non-musician who would have a hard time playing a radio, let alone taking the guitar into the stratosphere and beyond like these cats did.

So when you are done listening to whomever it is that makes your little day better, give pause to reflect upon how many human beings you really tore a chunk out of.

Tony Sloggett
Via e-mail

Don't hurt yourself: You must be a substitute reviewer with absolutely no understanding of huge parts of the wide spectrum of musical styles. I'm sorry if you find this music to be "directionless guitar jams." I'm very sad for you. It's terrible when a great talent such as Stevie Ray Vaughan gets smeared in print by a reviewer who doesn't have the experience even to understand the genre.

As a musician, I find your review beyond laughable, as anyone with an ounce of musical talent (or interest) can clearly hear the genius of Stevie Ray Vaughan. This boxed set will in its first day outsell the amount of papers or magazines your pathetic prose could possibly inspire. Please don't hurt yourself with your pen.

John Rankin Smith

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