Belo Blues

What does Mark Cuban have that Belo doesn't? Money. Lots and lots of money.

Alas, despite that airtight logic, it ain't lookin' good for CueKitty. First of all, influential Wall Street Journal tech columnist Walter S. Mossberg tee-rashed the device in an October 12 column. Mossberg wrote, "In order to scan in codes from magazines and newspapers, you have to be reading them in front of your PC. That's unnatural and ridiculous." He concluded that "the CueCat isn't worth installing and using, even though it's available free of charge."

No one listens to the press, though, right? Maybe so, but the number of hits the CueCat is generating to Web sites is "abysmal, much worse than expected," says a News editor.

What that means for subscribers and viewers of Belo entities is unclear. What it meant for Mark Cuban is that the advertising powers that be put the squeeze on him, apparently. The result, according to Cuban during his radio appearance last week: He has put on hold the announced plan to buy back Belo's 12 percent stake in the Mavericks until further notice. For more information on how this will affect Belo's stock price, swipe your CueCat here and see if it takes you to

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