Naughty Takeout

At restaurants, what isn't nailed down likely will be stolen

Perhaps this cavalier attitude comes from sheer helplessness. "We don't try to stop patrons unless we see someone blatantly stealing," says Sonnenberg, who considers it poor customer relations to frisk people on their way out of Houston's. Managers combat employee theft through inventory checks, by keeping an eye on stuff smuggled away in pockets or trash bags, and by rotating shifts to isolate suspected thieves. Even then, they cannot curtail the outflow of inventory. "It is impossible to completely eliminate counterproductive behaviors and theft in the workplace," says Linette Heatherly, personnel research coordinator at NCS, sounding just like a social scientist.

After a while, restaurateurs simply get used to it. Or, as Henz says, "it's just something you deal with. It's like towels in the hotel, you figure it into the cost."

Just keep an eye on your booth-neighbors next time you sit down for a meal.

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Jaxx Steakhouse

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Humperdinks NW Hwy

2208 W. NW Highway
Dallas, TX 75220

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