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New Chanukah songs

The Foxymorons new record, Rodeo City, is ready to go, coming to a store near you in January courtesy of California-based label American Pop Project, the same outfit that released the group's debut, last year's Calcutta. The disc was partly recorded by Matt Pence, and features Centro-matic's Will Johnson on drums on a trio of songs--and oh yeah, it's really good. And the band--singer-songwriter duo Jerry James and David Deweese--is planning on playing some live gigs, which is usually a problem since James lives in Mesquite and Deweese is a resident of Nashville, Tennessee. Following up on their first ever live performance at this year's South by Southwest Music Festival, James and Deweese (and a new, expanded lineup) will play at Trees on December 27, and at The Aardvark in Fort Worth on December 28. Catch 'em while you can...

Show-me slate: [DARYL], the pAper chAse, and 41 Gorgeous Blocks are at Curtain Club on December 14; Trees has a full weekend, with Clutch Cargo, Dixie Witch, and International Sparkdome on December 14, Pleasant Grove, Legendary Crystal Chandelier, and Stumptone the next night, and The Adventures of Jet, Red Animal War, and The Mag 7 on December 16. The Mag 7 continues celebrating the release of its new Idol Records album Use Your Powers For Good, Not Evil on December 15 at Bar of Soap; Jump Rope Girls make a rare appearance at Club Clearview on December 14, with Fury III; Rock-N-Roll Disciples are at Clearview on December 16; Riverboat Gamblers, Gospel Swingers, and The Good Sons (a Nick Cave/Birthday Party tribute band) perform December 15 at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios. Rubber Gloves, by the way, will be closed from December 20-January 2; prepare to get your drink on somewhere else.

The Old 97’s head further down Abbey Road on the forthcoming Satellite Rides. Supposedly.
Danny Clinch
The Old 97’s head further down Abbey Road on the forthcoming Satellite Rides. Supposedly.

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