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We've been trying to tell people for months

We meant to tell you this last week but ran out of room: Summer Break Records, the label releasing Todd Deatherage's upcoming solo set, is also finishing up work on a compilation featuring songs by the likes of the Old 97's, Pleasant Grove, and the Ranchero Brothers, in addition to a duet between Old 97's frontman Rhett Miller and Deatherage, and a handful of others. Don't know exactly when you should expect it, but if we had to guess, we'd say early next year. Or if you prefer, the first 100 days of the Worst Presidency Ever. And yes, that's even counting Gerry Ford. Here's a 20 says Bush's first act in office is to get rid of any drug-sniffing dogs in the West Wing. Yeah, you know what we're talking about...

Christmastime is here: Reed Easterwood & Junky Southern perform December 21 at the Gypsy Tea Room, followed the next night by Austin's Damnations TX and Pat McKanna; The Happiness Factor performs at the Galaxy Club's pre-Christmas party on December 23; Lift to Experience and Mercova are at the Curtain Club on December 21; our "pals" Reverend Horton Heat play Trees on December 23, with Roller; Casey Hess and new Dallas Observer employee Mike Graff will be at Liquid Lounge on December 21; Reggie Rueffer and Ho Chi Men perform at Club Dada on December 21, followed by The Hundred Inevitables the next night; Vibrolux is at Club Clearview on December 23; and Slobberbone and Pleasant Grove celebrate Christmas a couple of days early, December 22 at the Ridglea Theater. While we're on the subject, we recently came across one of the worst displays of Christmas in the history of the holiday carefully set up in someone's front yard. There was a mock-up of the manger where lil' J.C. was hatched--or maybe not, depending on your religious preference--complete with his mom and pop, assorted farm animals, three wise men...and Santa Claus, praying somberly. We shouldn't have to point out that no matter what religion you subscribe to or what Christmas fable you believe, there is absolutely no chance that jolly old St. Nick was kicking it with Jesus seconds after his birth. Couldn't happen. Come on, people--we know you're better than that.

Drowning Pool and Creed are on the same label. Exciting times, indeed.
Drowning Pool and Creed are on the same label. Exciting times, indeed.

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