Media Bias

All year, we tell you who's been naughty. Now, a list of those whose work is nice.

Brett Shipp, reporter, Channel 8 (Talked to him a few times): Continues to offer the most enterprising reports on local television. One of the few reporters who doesn't take his cue from the newspapers; they take theirs from him.

Michael Saul, City Hall reporter, The Dallas Morning News (Never met him, never talked to him) The one News reporter you're most likely to hear cursed by a Dallas Observer writer or editor, as in, "Damned Michael Saul had that story today that I was working on."

Allison V. Smith, photojournalist, The Dallas Morning News (Went to college with her, worked on the school newspaper with her, worked with her at the Star-Telegram, saw her this week at the Stoneleigh P and had a nice conversation with her) I really don't know anything about photography, but she do take purdy pictures.

TV critic Ken Parish Perkins is good...and good-lookin’!
TV critic Ken Parish Perkins is good...and good-lookin’!

Norm Hitzges, sports talk-show host, The Ticket (Talked to him a few times): Hitzges celebrated 25 years on Dallas radio this year, but, if anything, he keeps getting better. He recently broke news when he revealed that there is a sort of one-week window to save some cash by cutting Troy Aikman--a fact the Morning News reported the next day as if Hitzges hadn't broken the story. And his stat-by-stat comparison of point guards, which showed that the best statistical PG in the country is Steve Friggin' Nash, is the sort of insight that makes his comedic tin ear bearable.

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