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A flood of inaugural party invites hits our mailbox

In case you missed it, and we definitely did, Rodney Williams (better known as Mental Chaos' DJ Rodney) has a new hip-hop show on KNON-FM (89.3) called The Cipher, picking up the slack after the long-running Knowledge Dropped, Lessons Taught left the air following DJ EZ Eddie D's retirement last year. The show is on Saturdays from 5-7 p.m. Check it out...

Joe Cripps is back in the D-D-FW area again, following a brief trip to Brazil to play a few shows with Brazilian singer-songwriter Nando Reis, whose latest record for Warner Brazil featured Cripps' drumming. Reis, also a member of the Titas, invited Cripps, Barret Martin (former Screaming Trees drummer and Cripps' partner in the Wayward Shamans), and their keyboard player to play a few shows with him, and while there, they ended recording another album with Brazilian producer Tom Capone. A return trip is already in the works. Cripps won't be here for long though; following a show at Dan's Bar by his erstwhile band Norte de Habana on January 20 (Cripps promises rum will be drunk, and dances will be danced), he'll head to Seattle to finish work on the Wayward Shamans' album, as well as getting his drum on at a few local shows...

If you missed The Polyphonic Spree's Christmas shindig at the Lakewood Theatre, don't fret: The 20 or so members of the Spree will be appearing at the Ridglea Theater on February 10. You can see at least one member of the band in action before that, when Flipside (featuring trumpet player Chris Curiel, who also plays in The Polyphonic Spree) performs at Good Records on February 7 at 6 p.m., prior to the group's performance later that night at Elbow Room, representing the Creative Music Alliance. Head to for more on the store's upcoming in-stores. And head to for no information about anything...

What do you get when you add a car, a missed stop sign, and a drummer? The reason why SuperSport hasn't played any shows recently.
What do you get when you add a car, a missed stop sign, and a drummer? The reason why SuperSport hasn't played any shows recently.

ForwardNotStraight will debut on KTCU-FM (88.7) on January 18, settling into its every-Thursday slot in The Choice's lineup. At least one of the hosts of the new show, Steve Levering, is no stranger to KTCU. Levering was one-half of the popular The Tom and Steve Show, which recently wrapped up its run at the station. Co-hosting with Levering will be Scott Waldrop, who also manages the Spoonfed Tribe Collective. The show, which airs from 9 p.m. to midnight every week, will feature "the best music in the world, ever," including Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Neutral Milk Hotel, the pAper chAse, Lift to Experience, Mandarin, and Yeti, among others. Of course, if they were really planning on playing "the best music in the world, ever" they'd include some of Scene, Heard's rare solo nipple gong recordings. They're obviously afraid of greatness. Wait, make that pure greatness...

Baboon celebrates the imminent release of its new live album, A Bum Note and a Bead of Sweat, with a show at Trees on January 20. The band will also host a barbecue at Good Records earlier that day (4 p.m., to be exact). Release shows are also planned for Fort Worth (January 26 at the Ridglea Theater) and Denton (February 3 at Dan's Bar). Brave Combo is also releasing a new record in the near future, a children's disc--titled All Wound Up: A Family Music Party--they recorded with frequent Grammy nominees Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer. The band will hold a record release party for the album on January 26 at the Czech Club. And speaking of children's entertainment, Mr. Peppermint (also known as Jerry Haynes, Gibby's daddy) will celebrate his 74th birthday at Club Dada on January 31, with appearances by Muffin, Mr. Wriggly Worm, Sara Hickman, Little Jack Melody, Speedtrucker, and more. Tickets are $20, and since all the money benefits diabetes research, well worth your money. Scene, Heard has a heart--we just usually forget it in our other pants...

SuperSport (you may have been familiar with the band in the past when it was known as Super Sport 396) was planning to release its second album, Nowhere Fast, in December, followed by the requisite release shows and promotional push. They were, that is, until drummer Trip Huey was hit by a car on his way to work. So, while they haven't been able to play any shows during Huey's recovery, singer-guitarist Chris Radle reports that the disc is indeed out, available via, or on the band's own Web site, An actual release show is still in the works, and in the meantime, SuperSport will slowly get back on its feet with a gig at Galaxy Club on January 21, followed by a show at Bar of Soap on January 26 with Clumsy, which has its own album--Center of Attention Deficit Disorder--out now on Idol Records. If you like the Replacements, and you do, pick up a copy of the Clumsy disc. Just do it...

Texas expatriates Calla recently released their second album--Scavengers, co-produced by ex-Swans frontman Michael Gira--on Young God Records. The disc features, among other things, the band's take on U2's "Promenade" (from Unforgettable Fire); an earlier import version of the album includes Calla's version of Steve Miller Band's "Dear Mary." Calla, which features Sean Donovan and former Factory Press members Aurelio Valle and Wayne Magruder, is planning on playing a few local shows in March around the time of South By Southwest, possibly with Grandaddy. Possibly with someone else. That's what possibly means, after all...

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