Neither Swish Nor Foul

Mavs All-Star Finley says his infrequent trips to the free-throw line are not a problem. We beg to differ.

"That's a priority for us," says acting coach Donnie Nelson of getting Finley to the line more frequently, "and a concern. We've talked to him about it. We need to get him, and Dirk, to the line more. That's important for us."

Makes sense considering good teams, teams that get deep into the playoffs, tend to have their good players, their best players, get to the line and convert. Changing things, though, forcing Finley toward the net, would suggest that something is amiss, and he's already reminded us things are peachy.

"[I] just need to get consistent flow and work on my game," Finley counters. "It's being more aggressive, that's all it is. That's all it is. I'm not worried."

Come to think of it, why should he be? The numbers are just numbers, and that Donnie fellow is only the acting coach, after all. So what if more than a few people have noticed his infrequent appearances at the line, or pondered the possible adverse consequences it might have for Dallas as the season drones on? Doesn't everyone realize they're wrong? Haven't they seen him on SportsCenterhitting last-second threes to tie or win games?

There is no problem. That's what he says.

Incidentally, what's the first, surest sign that you do have a problem?

Oh, yeah.

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